Announcing the Facebook Captioning Integration

Updated: January 4, 2018

We are excited to announce our Facebook integration! Now you can easily add captions to your Facebook videos.

How easy? This easy:

step 1: link your accounts, 2. select videos for captioning, 3. captions will post directly back to your FB videos

Perhaps you’ve noticed on your Facebook feed that most videos autoplay without sound but with captions (if they exist).

Facebook found that 80% of users react negatively to video ads auto playing with the sound.

And it makes sense. Nowadays we are always online, and if we are sneakily watching videos at the office or passing time in a loud place, we can’t be discreet with the sound on. Captions, in turn, help communicate the content of the video when sound isn’t available.

Why Caption Facebook Videos?

Video is becoming ever more important on Facebook.

Facebook’s video advertising study found that users watch over 100 million hours of video a day. This makes it a hot market for disseminating video content. But with most ads playing with the sound off, the only way to capture your audience in the crucial first three seconds is by adding captions to ensure your videos make sense without sound.

People who watched  under 3 seconds of a video made up 47% of total campaign value. In other words, length doesn't matter, content and engagement do. videos with views under 10 seconds can build awareness and drive purchase intent.

Captions Increase View Time by 12%


Well let me let you in on one more thing. Facebook uncovered through internal tests that adding captions increased view time by 12%. Video content that generates views, likes, comments, shares, and clicks will have higher rankings in organic search.

So in summary, adding captions adds attention.

3 Reasons to Caption Facebook Videos. Facebook uses a silent until clicked auto play format. So if your video relies heavily on sound, viewers wont understand it while scrolling. Captions engage viewers and inform viewers on the context of your video. Facebook has around 1.94 billion users worldwide. Captions help those who aren't fluent in the native language of the media understand the content better.

Why use 3Play Media over automatic captions?

Now you could use automatic captions, but here’s why you shouldn’t.

Bob's burger scene with Facebook and 3Play captioned

In reality, the Bob’s Burgers caption should read, “Burgers and fries.” And while we appreciate the error, not all ASR translations are so favorable to companies.

If you really want to give your users the full and proper experience of your content, do them justice and get your captions professionally done.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR), the tool used for automatic captioning, has an accuracy rate of 60-80%. This means 1 out of 3 words (or more) are wrong..

ASR error example: Automatic captions: plaques double-dealing allowing double the minot for them and. What was really spoken: double the vanilla- always double the vanilla- cinnamon.

Facebook will auto caption videos for company profiles, but Facebook’s automatic captions are entirely machine-generated using speech-to-text technology. Unfortunately, automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology alone can’t produce accurate captions reliably. Therefore we strongly advise you use human editing to ensure the most accurate transcript.

Yes, automatic captioning is easy and quick, but if you have a video that is 5 minutes (or under), we offer a 2-hour turnaround, with a guaranteed 99% accuracy rate.

Quick, easy, and accurate. Do I hear the bells from hitting the trifecta?

Facebook + 3Play Media 4ever

We’ve made using our integration as easy as eating pie. So grab a slice and compare which process is easier (hint: it’s using the 3Play/Facebook integration, of course!).

Just like our other integrations, to link your account, simply go to your account system, click Upload Media, then under Linked Account click +New Linked Account. You will then be prompted to log into your Facebook account and allow 3Play Media access.

How to link facebook and 3play media while eating pie. Step 1: Link Facebook through new linked account. Step 2: Give 3play media access to your facebook account. Don't worry we wont post anything! Step 3: choose or upload videos to caption!

When you’re ready to caption your videos, log into your 3Play Media account, choose your Facebook linked account, and select the videos you want to caption. We’ll post your captions directly back to your Facebook videos when they’re done!

Make sure to check out our amazing video tutorial below for a step-by-step.

Then watch it rain Facebook likes, shares, and comments, directly correlated to your captions!


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