#CaptionFail: Did you catch that? (QUIZ)

August 11, 2017 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: January 4, 2018

What Zoella is actually saying: “Can I have my glasses in this video?”
Automatic captions are easy, free, and convenient. But too many times automatic captions are wrong, wrong, and wrong.

YouTube’s auto-generated captions are a perfect example of why automatic captioning can be very frustrating for viewers.

YouTube’s auto captions lack punctuation marks, speaker identifications, time-synchronization, and, too often, miss words.

With automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, you can only get so much right. That’s why you need human editors to review the transcript and make the necessary edits.

Captions help make your content accessible, but using automatic captions certainly doesn’t make your video accessible and can even hurt your brand.

For example, perhaps you are familiar with Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Great song, but what happens when you put it through automatic captioning?

Or Joe Cocker’s “Misheard:”

Clearly, the lyrics and captions do not coincide.

Thankfully, others have become aware of the problem and are doing something about it.

Think you can decipher YouTube’s captions?

Give it a try, and once you are done with this quiz try our original quiz.

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