Hey LA! Have You Registered for ACCESS?

October 2, 2017 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: January 4, 2018

Hey Los Angeles! Have you heard?

We are going to be in town on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, for ACCESS!

head with arrows coming out

What is ACCESS?

ACCESS is a one-day event hosted by us that celebrates video accessibility and the people who make it happen.

Join us for a day of amazing speakers, networking, swag, delicious food, drinks and more!

Who will be there?

mike shebanek
From Oath (formally Yahoo!), Mike Shebanek, Senior Director of Accessibility, will dish about Yahoo/Oath’s award-winning accessibility team, with a deep dive into their superior captioning strategy.

CJ Jone
Actor, producer, and director, CJ Jones, will share his experience as a Deaf actor in Hollywood, and how he’s using his production company, Sign World TV, as an emblem of accessibility in the entertainment industry.

owen edwards
From Level Access, Owen Edwards, Senior Accessibility Consultant, will talk about the common mistakes he sees when auditing websites, as well as talk about the essential regulations one must know when working in the digital accessibility space.

Brian Macken
From Netflix, Brian Macken, Content Distribution Manager, will discuss challenges, best practices, and innovative techniques for creating accessible content without sacrificing quality.

travis lee
From the Innovative Learning Technology Initiative at the University of California Office of the President, Travis Lee, Instructional Designer, will dive into the essential elements of universal design, and how others can use these tactics to build accessible websites, courses, content… you name it!

Judi Franz
From UC Irvine, Judi Franz, Classroom Development and Outreach specialist, will disclose how UCI built an IT Accessibility Workgroup to create a united allegiance of representatives from around campus dedicated to implementing more accessible practices across various departments.

catherine carpenter
From the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, Catherine Carpenter, a professor and accessibility pioneer, will be sharing how her passion for accessibility is helping to drive a more accessible campus.

That’s not all though! We have more amazing speakers coming your way, so stay tuned!

Who is this event for?

speaker at a podium

This event is for you, the video and content creators who are navigating through the video accessibility trenches.

Whether you work in entertainment, corporate, or education, there is something here for you.

ACCESS is for those who want to help transform the current state of video accessibility while learning how to leverage inclusive design to reach wider audiences and use its elements to create more dynamic content.

Through ACCESS, we want to bring content creators together to share ideas, strategies, and solutions.

What should I expect?

This year we have all-around accessibility experts who will be sharing invaluable advice on how to navigate the ever-changing digital accessibility realm.


We have a diverse lineup of speakers and panelists who will be sharing their strategies, approaches, advice, and even what they have learned from past mistakes.

We’ve also carved out time for everyone to network and mingle while enjoying delicious food and specialty drinks.

So bring questions and opinions, and don’t forget a notepad and business cards!

Anything else I should now?

The event is taking place at the Greenbar Distillery.

Make sure to arrive before 1:30 PM to register, pick up swag, and get some refreshments! Sessions will run from 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM, followed by a happy hour!

Click below to register!

click to reserve your spot now!

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