[PRODUCT UPDATE] Audio Description Version Two Is Here!

November 6, 2017 BY ELISA EDELBERG
Updated: January 4, 2018

It’s been several months since we first released audio description, and we have some exciting updates! We’ve released an extended audio description option and 3Play’s Recommendation feature. In addition, we’ve made updates to the editing interface, our audio description plugin, and API support. Take a look!


What Is Extended Audio Description?

When you upload a file for audio description, you now have several options for the level of service you would like! You can order extended or standard audio description, or use 3Play’s recommendation.

Extended audio description is used in cases where a video has very few natural pauses in the audio track or has an abundance of visual information. This type of description pauses the video to allow for longer descriptions in places where there is not enough space to otherwise adequately describe the visual content in the video.


3Play’s Recommendation

Sometimes it’s tough to have options! If you’re not sure which service level is appropriate for your video, you can use 3Play’s Recommendation feature to help determine the best fit. This is an automated recommendation based on the amount of audio detected in your source video file. If your file is already transcribed, you will automatically see the recommended type of description for that file in your 3Play Media account. When you order audio description, you will be able to select the level of service you would like – you can opt to use the recommended level or choose your own.


If you order transcription and audio description at the same time, and select the recommendation feature, you are agreeing to use the recommended level. You will not see the recommendation before the video processes. If you want, you can take this short two-question quiz to help you decide which level of service to use.


Editing Interface[lift]

In addition to adding new features, we’ve given our editing interface a face-lift. One of the exciting things about using synthesized speech is the ability to easily, quickly, and inexpensively make edits to your finalized description files. We’ve made this feature more user-friendly by allowing you to nudge, delete, and add description. Warning badges will let you know if you have overlapped speech, and our system won’t let you nudge description snippets into the next description. You can play back the description with the video to make sure you’re not overlapping with any dialogue. Now you can be more confident in your edits!


Audio Description Plugin

The audio description plugin is now looking better than ever! When you see the plugin below a video, you may notice there have been some visual changes. The plugin now boasts a volume equalizer feature which will automatically duck the volume of the source video while description plays. This feature can be turned on and off by clicking the icon on the plugin itself.

Standard and extended description both work flawlessly with the plugin. When a video with extended description is playing, the source video will automatically pause while the description plays, and then resume once that snippet is done. Here are examples of both standard and extended videos playing with the published audio description plugin.


API Support

API support makes ordering and processing description even easier. With our API you can order audio description, list your existing descriptions, and filter by media file. In addition, you can check the order status and post delivery parameters.


Check out these updates for yourself, and get started with audio description today!


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