Streamline Your Captioning Process with the JW Player and 3Play Media Integration!

Updated: May 1, 2018

We are so excited to announce our new JW Player and 3Play Media integration!

Now you can seamlessly caption your videos through a simple tag!

Did you know? JW Player was one of the first video players to launch on the market back in 2005. In fact, YouTube even used JW player when it first launched!

Ordering captions with the JW Player integration

With this integration, ordering captions just got a whole lot easier.

All you have to do is select the video you want captioned from your JW Player account, then tag 3Play Media.

Once your captions are complete, they will be automatically posted back to your video!

Can I hear a hurrah for simplified workflows?!

How to set up the JW Player integration

Head over to your JW Player account and grab your API credentials found under Account Settings.

Next, log into your 3Play Media account.

Select Upload Media, then Linked Accounts. Click on + New Linked Account.

A menu will appear with all our current integrations listed. Scroll to find the JW Player logo.

showing how to set up integration from 3 play account. go to upload media, linked accounts, new linked account, then select jw player. next enter your api credentials, then hit create account!

You’ll be taken to a settings page where you will need to enter your JW Player’s API credentials (you can find them in your JW Player account under Account Settings > API Credentials).

To finish, select Create Account.

Congrats! Now your JW Player and 3Play accounts are linked!

How to submit your JW Player videos for captioning

There are two ways you can order captions using the JW Player integration.

One way is to select the video you want for captioning directly from your 3Play Media Account. Once complete, you can download the completed file from your 3Play account, and then upload to your video on JW Player.

The second way is to tag 3Play Media (for standard turnaround) on the media file you want captioned.

video in JW Player. Under tag, 3play media is shown

The file will be sent to us for captioning, then we will post the captions directly back to your video upon completion.

View the full video tutorial


The benefits of captioning

The main benefit of captioning is greater accessibility. There are around 48 million individuals living with hearing loss in America; captions give them access to content they otherwise could not enjoy.

But captioning also benefits a wider audience.

Captions provide better comprehension for everyone. They also give the viewer flexibility on when, where, and how they decide to consume video content.

Read: JW Player’s Approach to Video Player Accessibility

Get Started with captioning today!

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