Here’s What INBOUND 2019 Speakers Had to Say About Accessibility

September 11, 2019 BY JACLYN LEDUC
Updated: September 12, 2019

INBOUND is described as “an annual experience uniting super curious, question-asking professionals with big-name and break-out industry thinkers, high-octane events, and boundless education sessions.” At its core, INBOUND is a week-long immersive and educational experience for the curious minds of the world.

Topics like advertising, email marketing, branding, and the future of marketing are covered by some of the greatest minds in their fields. Even amongst the hundreds of sessions about a multitude of subjects, the experts at INBOUND 2019 made room to touch on the importance of accessibility, and we can’t stop applauding them.



Below, you’ll find some of the key accessibility takeaways from INBOUND 2019.

Captions Improve Video Metrics

In the INBOUND session, Advanced LinkedIn Ads for the B2B Marketer, AJ Wilcox from walked the audience through advanced strategies for getting the most out of LinkedIn ad campaigns.


Wilcox provided strategic tactics for both traditional digital advertising and for video advertising and put emphasis on creating the highest impact for more people. A high impact campaign means procuring high traffic and better ad KPIs. For video ads specifically, Wilcox explains that captions are critical for view time and clicks.

Here’s why:

On LinkedIn, and most other social media platforms, videos display on your audience’s news feed with the sound off. Without captions, viewers are more likely to scroll past your video ads without ever having viewed your content in the first place. Captions help remedy this issue since they automatically display text on the screen and grab the viewer’s attention.

Transripts Boost SEO for Branded Content

INBOUND attendees curious to learn more about creating a podcast for their brands flocked to The Future of Branded Content Is Podcasting session. Sam Balter, HubSpot’s own podcast savant, shared tactics on how to align podcasting with current content strategies. He covers the steps of building a podcast from launch to market to building an audience.

Speaking of building an audience, part of doing so means working to make audio content visible on the web. For this reason, SEO is a huge part of building an audience that eagerly awaits new podcast episodes. But what is the best way to optimize audio content for search engines?

Podcasts are just like any other web content – they show up in Google search one way or another. To boost your podcast’s search rankings, include an on-page or linked audio transcript. Just ask renowned podcast This American Life. TAL started adding transcripts to their online archive and saw a 4.36% increase in inbound traffic attributable to audio transcripts.


 ➡️ Learn More About Accessibility Use Cases and Strategies from Industry Leaders 

Good Accessibility is Built In

“If you don’t proactively include people, then you are unintentionally excluding them.” That was the premise of the Accessible Marketing is Modern Marketing session with Christi Olson from Microsoft. Olson iterates that with over a billion people in the world with disabilities, it’s no longer viable for accessibility to be an afterthought. By building accessibility into what you do rather than just tacking it on, you’ll welcome a larger audience to enjoy all you have to offer.

Accessibility is a must-have and not just because it benefits people with disabilities. Olson emphasizes that accessibility solves a challenge for one and extends the benefits to many. This is known as the “curb-cut effect.” Take for example closed captions. The original purpose of captions is to make video content accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Yet, we all benefit from captions. Think about the last time you forgot your headphones – you were likely still able to scroll through social media and watch videos, all thanks to captions.

With Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), free accessibility tools, and built-in accessibility features at our fingertips, pursuing accessibility is simpler than ever before. Now is the time to commit to inclusive practices at your organization. Today is the day to start creating content that’s accessible to all.

Join us at ACCESS in Boston on October 2-3, 2019, to discover more about the power of accessibility. ACCESS is a conference for the accessibility enthusiast and for those who are eager to learn from accessibility experts. There’ll be talks and workshops that will empower, motivate, and prepare you to create a more accessible world.


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