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Charitable Transcription for Social Change

ACCESS FOR ALL is brought to you by 3Play Media, the leading provider of closed captioning and transcription. 3Play Media was founded on the principle of inclusion – that people with disabilities should have equal access to media content.

More and more media content is being produced online to support education and activism around social justice. We believe this content is critically important and everyone deserves access to it. To that end, we’ve created ACCESS FOR ALL to help make this content accessible to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community, and we are covering the cost of transcription and captioning to do so.

How It Works

1. Let’s Chat

Whether it’s a podcast, YouTube channel, social videos, or other media, we want to learn as much as possible about how and where you’re publishing audio & video content.

2. Personalized Proposal

We’ll come up with a proposal for how the partnership will work, including how much content we can transcribe and for how long, and the most effective way to publish transcripts/captions back to your site.

3. Get Started!

We’ll work with you on implementation so you feel comfortable ordering in our account system and publishing transcripts and/or captions back to your media content.

Did you know your podcast or video could look like this? 👀

Interview: Raising Awareness About the Need for Digital Accessibility


  1. Press play on the audio file.
  2. Press the wand icon to turn keywords on and off.
  3. Use the search bar to search for a term.
  4. Click any line in the search results to jump to that instance of the search term.
  5. Click anywhere in the transcript to jump to that point in the audio file.

Why Should I Participate?

♿ Accessibility
Including people with disabilities in educational & activist media will expand your reach to groups that
want to participate.
🖊️ SEO
Google can’t watch videos or listen to podcasts. Adding captions & transcripts to your media helps you rank
for all the keywords in your audio track!

📈 Engagement & Views
This American Life found an increase in organic search traffic, views/listens, and engagement with their
podcasts after adding transcripts.
🧠 Retention & Brand Recognition
Studies with Verizon, Publicis, and Facebook have found that adding captions & transcripts improves
retention of audio content and improves brand recognition and satisfaction.

💬 Easy Sharing
Want people to share clips of your podcast or video? They can easily copy & paste pieces of your transcript
to share your content on social media.
🔍 Search
You can make your podcasts & videos searchable so listeners can find specific sections of your content
they’re looking for. This helps with engagement and retention, too!

What are the next steps?

Right Now:

Schedule time to chat with our team! We can’t wait to get started with you. Please email our team to find a good time.

Time Commitment:

1-2 hours total for intros, proposals, and implementation. Then, you’ll have full access to our system and will be able to start transcribing your media!


For the duration of our agreed upon partnership, we will provide our services free of charge. Support documentation and direct contact info for ACCESS FOR ALL will be provided.

About 3Play Media & ACCESS FOR ALL

ACCESS FOR ALL is a charitable arm of 3Play Media, providing premium transcription & captioning services to social justice initiatives for free. 3Play Media is a full service video accessibility solution with over 5,000 customers like The New York Times, Harvard University, Verizon Media, This American Life, and NBC Universal.

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