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 Frameworks for a Radically Inclusive Workplace 

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Advancing Disability Inclusion and Equality in the Workplace

Taught by: Becky Curran Kekula & Diana Codispoti, Disability: IN
In this session, you will hear how CEOs from the worlds biggest companies are creating inclusive workplaces and how you can use their lessons learned to create a meaningful workplace.


How Video Trends in 2020 Are Shaping a New Wave of Inclusive Video

Taught by: 3Play Media

A look into video and accessibility trends in 2020 and how they are influencing the videos we create. Get practical tips for ensuring your videos are on-trend.


Emily Yates – Journalist & Accessibility Consultant

Taught by: Emily Yates, Journalist

In this session, Emily Yates, will share her personal story as a disabled person. She’ll dive into why access and inclusion is important, the spending power of disabled people, and the social model of disability.


Implementing Accessibility with No Dedicated Resources

Taught by: Lily Bond, 3Play Media

In this session, Lily Bond, Director of Marketing at 3Play Media, will share how 3Play has internally created a culture of inclusivity. She’ll share tips on getting leadership support, training employees, creating a task-force, and more.


Making Access Accessible For All

Taught by Stacey A. Gordon, Rework Work

In this course, diversity expert Stacey Gordon helps you recognize and acknowledge your own biases so that you can identify them when making decisions, and prevent yourself from making calls based on a biased viewpoint.

Creating a Dialogue Around Accessibility & the Importance of Internal Training

Taught by: Matt May, Head of Inclusive Design at Adobe
In this session, learn why employers should proactively talk about disability and the importance of internal training on accessibility.


How to Increase Profitability, Productivity & Brand Reputation by Creating a Disability-Inclusive Culture

Taught by Dr. Christin Bradley, CEO of Inclusive Community Home Care, and Founder of I Am Equal and Founder of the Inclusive CEO Coaching Program

In this session, you will learn why creating a disability-inclusive business culture is essential for business success.

The Five stages of Accessible Recruiting

Taught by: Sheri Byrne-Haber, Accessibility Architect at VMware

This session will cover best practices for job postings, application, interviews, and onboarding. It will also touch on AI bias against people with disabilities in applicant tracking systems.


Fireside Chat: Creating an Internal Strategy for Inclusivity and Accessibility

Taught by: Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility Programs and Disability Inclusion at Google in conversation with Jennison Asuncion, Head of Accessibility Engineering Evangelism at LinkedIn

Many people understand they need internal accessibility, but sometimes outlining the why is hard. In this session, Jennison will discuss with Christopher how Google has been able to achieve this to create a culture that champions accessibility.


How Inclusive DEI Programs Can Ensure Better Product Accessibility

Taught by: Natalie Tucker, Accessibility Evangelist and Lori Samuels, Accessibility Director at NBC Universal Media

Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to creating better products for your customers.

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