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June 7-10, 2021 l Free Virtual Event

ACCESS at Home by 3Play Media presents:

Let’s talk about the world beyond the pandemic.

Lessons we’ve learned, accessibility, and what hybrid means.



Our Mission

As we begin to return to normal, the world as we knew it will never be the same. We’ve become digitally-dependent and now need to figure out how to transition to in-person, while continuing to value digital.

Our future is looking very hybrid.

At ACCESS, we’ll explore:

  • Accessibility lessons from the pandemic
  • How organizations can ensure their hybrid workplaces are accessible
  • How will companies who don’t address web accessibility struggle to transition back
  • Legal landscape of accessibility in 2021

Expert-Led Sessions: Leaders at the top of their fields share lessons and actionable advice.

ACCESS Community: Join the ACCESS Slack to connect with other professionals around the world.

Fun Surprises: We’ll have daily prizes, quizzes, and conference-exclusive content.


All sessions will be recorded and available for replay

Monday, June 7

Speaker Session PST / EST
Josh Miller, 3Play Media Kickoff: Video in a Post-Pandemic World

We take a look at how the pandemic shaped the use of captioning, audio description, and translation, then look at whether organizations will continue to practice video accessibility.
8 am / 11 am
Casey Naiduk, A Guide to Creating Accessible Hybrid Workspaces

Casey Naiduk is the Head of Content and Experience at In this session, Casey will share expert advice for ensuring your hybrid workspaces are accessible.
11 am / 2 pm


Tuesday, June 8

Speaker Session PST / EST
Devin Cleary and Rachel Ruggieri, Bizzabo 5 Expert Predictions That Will Shape Events in 2021 & Beyond!

The world of professional events is undergoing a profound change, and we have an exciting opportunity to re-image and re-invent how we plan and deliver personalized experiences. Covid-19 aside, there’s lots of talk about new technologies, the hybrid model, and accessibility. In this session, we’ll reveal the trends that will have the biggest impact over the next five years, and how you can maneuver to gain a competitive edge.
8 am / 11 am
Ken Nakata, Converge Accessibility What the Winn-Dixie Case Reversal Means for Digital Accessibility

Earlier this year, the courts reversed the landmark decision of the case Gil v Winn-Dixie. In this session, Ken Nakata, former Department of Justice attorney and Principal at Converge Accessibility, will dive into the significance of this decision for businesses who operate both digitally and physically.
11 am / 2 pm


Wednesday, June 9

Speaker Session PST / EST
Johan Verstraete, Inclusive Design Strategist Workshop: Inclusive Design Post-Pandemic

In this interactive session, inclusive design evangelist Johan Verstraete will teach us how to use inclusive design for better sensory experiences. He will dive into how the pandemic will influence the future of design.
8 am / 11 am
Dax Castro, AbleDocs Accessibility Accountability in a Post-Pandemic World

In this presentation, accessibility expert Dax Castro, VP of ADAcademy at AbleDocs, will share how companies who don’t address web accessibility will struggle to transition back.

11 am / 2 pm


Thursday, June 10

Speaker Session PST / EST
Georgia McGoldrick & John Slocum, 3Play Media All About Live Captioning – Best Practices and What’s on the 3Play Roadmap?

In this session, we will dive into the best practices for live captioning, look at trends post-pandemic, accuracy in automatic captioning softwares, and provide an inside look into the 3Play roadmap.
8 am / 11 am
Sean Jordan, Xbox, and Anita Mortaloni, Microsoft Accessibility at Xbox

We sit down with Xbox Emmy-winning Product Marketing Manager Sean Jordan and Director of Accessibility at Microsoft Anita Mortaloni to discuss accessibility and the future of the gaming industry post-pandemic.
11 am / 2 pm


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