ACCESS by 3Play Media Age of Digital Inclusion
March 29 – April 1 l #ACCESS2022 l Online

In a world where everything is happening online, inclusion is paramount.


At ACCESS 2022: Age of Digital Inclusion, we gathered the most influential people in accessibility to share their frameworks for inclusivity. We dove into solutions for challenges that organizations face when it comes to inclusivity – focusing on accessibility for both internal and external company efforts.

Together, we explored trends, engaged in proactive conversations, and left with actionable takeaways.

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Wednesday's Sessions

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Friday's Sessions

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Accessibility at Microsoft

Understanding the CVAA and Compliance in Entertainment

Becoming the Market Leader: 3Play’s Vision for the Captionmax Acquisition

Keynote: Aaron Golub

Accessibility Trends in Employment

Podcasts for Everyone: Intro to Podcast Transcription

Keynote: Why Tech Must Be Human First: The Future of Work, Society and Humanity Depends on It

How Harvard Built a Culture of Digital Accessibility

Moving From Awareness to Action

Interview with Audible Director Matt Ogens