2020 Marketing Trends & What They Mean for Accessibility

January 31, 2020 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: February 18, 2020

It’s once again the roaring 20s – a decade that will likely bring extraordinary innovation and unprecedented challenges.

This year, content will continue to be king, but the way we approach our content strategies is changing. “Spray and pray” strategies are no longer good enough. This year, we need to be data-driven and consumer-focused.

A big part of the 2020 direction of marketing is being accessible, which is why we are looking at the top 3 trends from The Startup and what we need to do to make sure we are creating inclusive content.


Trend #1: Personalization

Hi Steven, how are you today?

If your name is Steven you probably felt pretty special just now. That’s the magic of personalization. It makes your consumers feel understood, heard, and valued.

But personalization in 2020 is going to beyond just calling out the person’s name; The key to great personalization in 2020 will be using data to segment and market-relevant content to the right person.

Think Spotify Wrapped.

What does this mean for accessibility?

retro computer in pink
Most organizations are communicating with their consumers digitally, which means that web accessibility is more important than ever before.

Not only should websites be accessible, but so should the channels you use to communicate like email, bots, video, podcasts, etc. So what should you do?

  1. Make accessibility a priority by integrating it into your process. Whether you are writing a blog or sending an email, you should be testing whether it’s accessible.
  2. Create an accessibility statement and publish it on your website.
  3. Encourage feedback. Have a place for people to send you content that they found wasn’t accessible and prioritize it.
  4. Familiarize and apply WCAG to your website.
  5. Keep learning. Attend events, network, join slack groups, read blogs, etc. The more you learn, the more you grow.
  6. Trend #2: Emergence of short & engaging video

    Quick poll: how long did it take you to watch The Irishman on Netflix? Was it:

    • a) 4 straight hours
    • b) 3 days
    • c) I never finished it

    blue wheelchair sign
    If you answered b or c, then you’ll probably love this next trend on the internet – short-form videos.

    From Tik-Tok to Instagram, short-form videos are engaging, to the point, and highly addicting. Like Thin Mints, once you consume one, you can’t stop (plus the apps themselves make it addicting).

    Sometimes less is more, and in 2020 you can expect more of less.

    What does this mean for accessibility?

    Creating video? Then you need to caption and describe it. Captions and audio description make your content accessible, engaging, and searchable.

    There is no risk in making your videos accessible. It will only bring you more views guranteed.

    Trend #3: Emergence of shoppable posts

    72% of Instagram users have purchased a product on the app. The ability to see something you like and instantly buy it is a game-changer for retail.

    You see it. You like it. You want it. You got it.

    What does this mean for accessibility?

    Apart from ensuring your retail website is accessible, you should also ensure your actual content is accessible. Do your images have alt-text? Have you added audio description to your product videos?

    According to the ROD Group, $1 trillion in annual disposable income from people with disabilities is missed when we don’t make content accessible.

    Lesson: Make your website inclusive to help people buy what they want!

    Bonus Trend: Accessibility

    lightning bolt

    The one thing that is on multiple organizations’ must-list this year is accessibility. It’s no longer acceptable to have an inaccessible website.

    In 2019, there were over 2,000 web accessibility lawsuits filed against a plethora of industries including retail, entertainment, and food services. This number will only continue to rise unless we start making changes.

    Accessibility is Part of a Good Internet Society 🌐

    Implementing accessibility into your progress will do wonders for your accessibility initiatives this year.

    This last decade brought us the rise of voice-activated technologies like Alexa, human-like robots like Sophia, and new-unreal realities through virtual reality technology.

    The new decade already has promising horizons. I challenge us all to keep accessibility at the forefront.

    make a commitment to creating accessible video. click to join the pledge for 2020

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