3Play Media’s Top 10 Innovations of 2010!

January 3, 2011 BY TOLE KHESIN
Updated: June 3, 2019

10 – Interactive Transcript
An embeddable plugin that bolts onto any video player to let users interact with and search video down to the spoken word. A snippet of code is all takes for almost any video player to communicate with the interactive transcript, which can be sized and styled to conform to any site.

9 – Caption Format Converter
There are many different types of closed caption file formats and sometimes it’s necessary to convert from one type to another. To address this problem, we created a free web tool that converts between all major caption formats, including SRT, SBV (YouTube), Flash DFXP, SCC for iOS, SMI or SAMI, CPT.XML, QT, and STL

8 – Transcript.SEO File Format
Adding a video transcript makes a web page more discoverable because search engines are fueled by text. However, for longer videos, we developed an SEO-optimized transcript that provides additional advantages when included in a website.

7 – Playlist Search Plugin
An embeddable plugin that provides textual search and navigation across an entire library of media files. Search results are displayed on visual timelines and each transcribed word knows exactly where it lives in the video allowing users to jump to the precise segment displayed in search results.

6 – Social Video Clipping
Instead of just sharing a link to a website, the social video clipping feature lets users point their followers to the exact quote or scene that they want to reference. Users can quickly create and share a section of a video simply by highlighting the spoken words in the interactive transcript. Clicking the share button generates a unique URL that includes the video start and stop information so that it can be emailed or shared through popular social media outlets, like Twitter or Facebook. This capability boosts SEO when users distribute links that point back to your site.

5 – Translation into Foreign Languages
We launched a translation service that is seamlessly integrated with our transcription services and interactive applications. That means that you can download transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles in translated languages, as well as continue to use the interactive transcript, playlist search, and clipping functionalities the same way with other languages as with English.

4 – Camouflage Mode
Sometimes the biggest hurdle to publishing a new feature on a site is getting it to match up with the rest of the site, especially if content is frequently changing. To make things easier, we developed a “camouflage” mode that dynamically adjusts colors and fonts to blend in with the rest of the site.

3 – Rich Transcript Editing (in real-time)
Users can now add stylized text and hyperlinked chapter headings to a transcript. All changes preserve the time-synchronization, so clicking a heading will seek the video to the appropriate point. As before, all edits instantly propagate to final caption and interactive transcript output files. No reprocessing is necessary.

2 – APIs, SDK, and Direct Integrations
We developed flexible APIs to support fully automated work flows. Developers can now interface with our system to transfer and process files, as well as build applications on top of our interactive transcript using our SDK. We also added direct integrations with Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, and Mediasite.

1 – Clipmaker
Clipmaker is a powerful web-based application for market researchers, video producers, and librarians. In addition to textual video search, navigation, and clipping, it provides the ability to analyze, organize and export reels of clips for inclusion in reports and presentations. Clipmaker can even scan a media library and automatically generate clips that contain specific search terms in seconds.

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