5 Critical Aspects of a University-Wide Captioning Solution

November 30, 2017 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: June 3, 2019

Every department within a university is different. They each create unique content and they each have unique captioning needs.

So it makes sense that under the umbrella account of the university, each separate department has its own captioning account to manage.

Having a universal captioning vendor for the university simply makes the captioning process easier because everyone knows where they can go to get captions. But structuring an effective process to caption content requires the following five components to ensure that each department can have a more efficient workflow, reducing the administrative headaches a poorly organized university-wide captioning contract could cause.


Critical Component One: Splitting content between projects

Are you one to organize your apps on your iPhone by category? Or do you organize your emails by folders and labels?

clearly label folders and file names. this way when you search for a specific file, it will be much easier to locate.

If you organize anything, then you’re probably familiar with the value that organization can bring to your everyday tasks.

So, if you have multiple projects throughout the year, it can be confusing if they are all jumbled up in one general page, with no separation or indication of what project they belong to or who is uploading to the project.

Having the flexibility to split up your projects can make a big difference. For example, you can easily see which videos within a project you have already submitted for captioning or keep track of when the captioning will be complete in order to plan your workflow.

You can also easily refer back to past projects and re-download caption files.

Critical Component Two: Billing

Set up seperate billing for each project within each department.

Not all departments have the same captioning needs, nor do they all pay for their captioning from the same account.

So having separate billing ensures that the right department is getting appropriately billed.

A good captioning vendor will also let you set up your billing based on project, department, and account.

Critical Component Three: Reporting

Knowing how much content you are uploading for captioning can be enormously insightful.

When it comes to planning for next year’s budget or to compare workloads between years or to see what departments are captioning the most, having access to this data becomes priceless.

Create a monthly excel spreadsheet to keep track and quickly access important account information.

When gathering reports, you want to make sure you have access to all usage and activity within the account, which can be filtered by department or college, as well as the date the file was submitted/completed, folder the file was uploaded to, and project the file belongs to.

Knowing information like the service level each file received, the file status, who in the organization submitted the file, and even the video platform it was uploaded to can also help universities better manage their video content and online accounts.

Ultimately, having the ability to download reports on how each account is being used can help the university and each department save time and money – and better plan for future years.

Critical Component Four: Security

Make sure to keep a master list of everyone who has an account and their access level.

There is always a security risk when you have one account that multiple people can access. Your account becomes more vulnerable to hacking and information theft.

Not to mention, if your content is confidential, it’s even more important to keep it safe from a content leak.

Look for a captioning vendor that guarantees your security will be honored through a secure captioning method and a secure account management system.

Critical Component Five: Login Access

With multiple departments and individuals accessing one account for captioning, there are many things that can go wrong.

For starters, having one universal login, as mentioned, poses many security risks. Classified content is more vulnerable to leaks and your overall account is more vulnerable to hacking. Not to mention passwords can get lost, then changed unexpectedly.

Provide training for all account users so that they know how to use the captioning platform.

Or, perhaps, an account only allows one user at a time, causing you to delay your workflow.

Having no shared login is an easy solution to help mitigate these issues.

Anyone who needs access to the captioning account should have their own login. That way they can access the account stress-free.

No shared login is a seamless solution to university-wide captioning because everyone who has a project can make changes to the project, without having to worry about affecting other projects.

In addition, when it comes to reporting, you can tell who is uploading what files and gather more sophisticated data.

Critical Component Six: Video Platform Integrations

Now, if you host video projects on multiple video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, or Google Drive, having a video platform integration will also help keep your captioning workflow organized.

Through a video platform integration, users can easily access videos through multiple platforms, without having to re-upload them for captioning.

Link all your video accounts to your captioning to save time in the long run.

In addition, video platform integrations also help take a step away from the captioning workflow because you can choose to have the caption files automatically post back to the corresponding video, without having to do that yourself.

If you use 3Play Media and have a video platform integration set up, some linked accounts will even let you simply tag 3Play Media on the video you want captioned!

So if you have a lot of instructors who upload videos to a specific platform, tagging is an easy and less time-consuming option to help motivate them into captioning more videos.

When it comes to finding a university-wide solution for captioning, these conveniences help the university as a whole save time and stress over captioning, allowing for a more efficient management of the university’s captioning initiative.

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