5 News Sites Doing Captioning Right

Updated: March 9, 2021

In order to survive in modern day journalism, news outlets must keep up with the trends.

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And the biggest trend of the century has undeniably been video.

The truth of the matter is, people don’t have the time to read countless articles, yet they still want to stay informed on current affairs.

So video has truly given news outlets a new medium to communicate important information in a creative and engaging way.

Breaking news: There’s a video epidemic

The current video epidemic has certainly been glorious.

The rise of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, has proven the success of video content.

People love it.

But there is also an unfortunate side to video content.

Video content relies on audio, which can present some obstacles for people trying to view and understand the videos.

One way to help break some of those obstacles is to add captions. Captions allow viewers to enjoy your content, without the need of the audio.

More breaking news: video platforms are turning the sound off on videos

This just in, studies have shown that people prefer to watch videos with the sound off. In fact, 85% of Facebook video is watched with the sound off.

In response to this finding, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have begun auto-playing videos on silent, causing many marketers to reconsider adding captions.

The constant and immediate access our cell phones have given us to content has lead us to yield to its distracting powers whenever we are bored or seeking a break.

And these powerful forces can attack us at any moment.

So if we don’t have headphones ready, or if we are not in a quiet space, a video with the sound on could lead to undesired attention.

The remedy to this dilemma is to add captions to videos, giving viewers the flexibility to view whenever.

All this amazing video content is worthless without sound, but with captions, it can help tell the story, and content producers can sleep at night knowing viewers won’t skip over their soundless content.

Five Companies Doing Captioning Well

Adding captions to video is especially important for news sites because it’s the information that matters most.

The following news sites are doing an amazing job with captioning, ensuring their content is engaging, informative, and accessible.

And because news comes in all different topics of interest, we’ve separated them out by categories so you can find an accessible publication that fits your interests.


for the news junky

If you are looking to stay up-to-date on the latest in world affairs, Yahoo! News has got you covered.

Yahoo uses both original content and partner content to provide users with hours of informative entertainment.

With more than 1 billion monthly users accessing their content through a range of devices, Yahoo has made it a priority to create more accessible content.

In fact, they’ve exceeded FCC legal requirements for captioning.

Yahoo captions all their original content and often captions partner content as well because they recognize that captions are better for the user experience.

And in the overall accessibility area, Yahoo also strives to create accessible products and are known for their state-of-the-art accessibility lab.

Intrigued? Yahoo shared their accessibility mission and strategy in the webinar, How Yahoo is Making Their Technology Accessible to Everyone.


for the techie

Get geeky, get Wired.

Wired, an online and print news outlet, reports on the impact technology has on culture, the economy, and politics.

Wired is the perfect news outlet for the geek within us.

And since in Geekdom inclusivity is the true virtue, Wired is committed to making their website and content accessible to all individuals.

So whether you are exploring the inner depths of the Wired website, or lost in the Galactica of Wired’s social media, you will always find captioned content.

In other words, the limit [for captioning] does not exist.


for the sports fan

Whether it’s a game highlight or post ball commentary, ESPN has you covered with the latest in sports news.

With a nationally recognized broadcast channel and the known fact that in sports you have to see it to believe it, they are very active with video on their news site.

And when it comes to captioning those videos, ESPN has truly hit it out of the park.

All video content is captioned, and if you browse their site you will also notice that all videos autoplay in silent with captions.

And while this makes it easier for anyone to catch up on sports anytime, anywhere, it also relates to ESPN’s bigger accessibility mission of making their websites accessible to all individuals with disabilities.

Now that’s a home run.


for the documentary lover

VICE News takes a different approach to reporting than your typical news outlets.

Stories are told like documentaries, factual reports with a focus on covering the “under reported stories.”

As a new age news company, Vice can be enjoyed either by reading or watching through a plethora of channels.

And with so much content, especially video content, Vice knows the right formula to make that content accessible to all.

Captions are everywhere and included in everything they put out. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or YouTube, you will always be able to read what is being said.


for the foodie

Food & Wine magazine is the place to be for everything exciting in food news.

The food world is always cooking up new trends, restaurants, and sizzling news, so Food & Wine has created a one stop emporium to satisfy all your foodie ambitions.

On Food & Wine, you can easily find an impressive new recipe to leave dinner guests in awe, or read all about wine to fool your friends into thinking you’ve become a master sommelier.

Or, if you aspire to be the next Anthony Bourdain, Food & Wine is your ultimate food news outlet.

And since food is as much a visual experience as it is a tasting experience, Food & Wine creates alluring videos, garnished with captions.

So if you are hungry for delectable content, dash over to Food & Wine to find captioned videos of recipes, news, restaurant tours, and more.

Bon appetite!



for the know it all

Modern news can be confusing, so Vox is here to help explain the truth and annihilate the fake news epidemic.

The purpose of Vox is to make news understandable, and they do that through “card stacks” that help define terms within articles, as well as helpful graphics and videos.

So with so much engaging and important content being produced daily, Vox proactively works to make it accessible for all individuals.

Their website follows a comprehensive accessibility guideline checklist to ensure W3C compliance, including adding captions to videos.

So no matter where you choose to digest Vox content, Vox will always provide captions to videos.

Get started with captioning today!

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