ACCESS: A Course on Embracing Video and Accessibility

August 24, 2020 BY 3MEDIAWEB

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ACCESS is a 3-day virtual course built to help you navigate video and accessibility.

Over the last few months, we’ve all had to find ways to stay connected with one another. Video has been at the center of this. Whether it’s a Zoom meeting, Tik Tok dance, or Facetime call, everyone is embracing video in creative ways.

As we continue to rely on video for communicating with our customers, students, staff, and relatives, we want to provide you with the tools to thrive with video.

Save Your Spot for ACCESS

ACCESS: A Course on Embracing Video

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At ACCESS, we will learn from leaders in all industries on how to embrace video and incorporated accessibility into their production process.

We’ll learn about:

  • Closed captioning for engagement with Dax Castro, Certified Accessibility Trainer
  • Audio description best practices, with Joel Snyder, Director of the American Council of the Blind
  • The age of streaming media and how accessibility ties in, with Krissie Barrick, Head of Digital Influencing at Scope
  • UDL for remote classrooms, with Thomas Tobin, Program Area Director at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Trends in video with 3Play Media
  • Video accessibility for multimedia, with Carie Fisher, Senior Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems
  • and more…

Why Attend?

ACCESS is built to function as a course.

Our goal with this event is to equip you with the tools to embrace video accessibility to increase engagement, retention, brand recall, and provide an inclusive-online environment. You’ll participate in live sessions with Q&A and have access to on-demand mini-lessons focused on remote-environment challenges.

We’ll also have an exclusive Slack group for you to network with attendees and attend office hours with speakers and the 3Play team.

So, what are you waiting for? Save your spot now.

register for ACCESS, it's free!

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