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August 27, 2019 BY 3MEDIAWEB
Updated: June 22, 2021

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ACCESS Boston, 3Play Media’s accessibility conference, is 37 days away, and we cannot wait to see you there!

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We have amazing speakers, engaging workshops, and lots of interstellar surprises lined up for you.

Our full session lineup was recently announced, featuring accessibility experts from Adobe, Hubspot, Wistia, and more.

Today we are breaking down each session of our accessibility conference and introducing the speakers so you’ll know what to expect on Oct. 3rd!

Blast Off: Into the World of Video Accessibility

Speaker: Josh Miller, Co-CEO, 3Play Media

Our very own co-founder Josh Miller is kicking off ACCESS with an introduction to video accessibility. Learn about the trends in video, elements of accessible video, and why it matters.

From 0-100: Down-to-Earth Tips for Centralizing Accessibility

Speakers: Snaedis Valsdottir, Implementation Specialist, & William Murray, Sr. Product Designer, Hubspot
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First up, we have Snaedis and William, accessibility experts from Hubspot, who will dish on how you can begin to implement accessibility at your organization – even if you don’t have an accessibility initiative in place. They will walk us through how they are building an accessibility team at Hubspot and implementing accessibility into their development process.

How to Navigate the Galaxy of Accessibility Laws

Speakers: Lainey Feingold, Disability Rights Lawyer, Law Office of Lainey Feingold

Next up we have legal rebel Lainey Feingold, an internationally recognized disability rights lawyer and pioneer of Structured Negotiation known for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements. In this session, Lainey will take us through key cases, court decisions, government agency activity, settlements, and other recent developments in the digital accessibility legal landscape.

The Relationship of Video, Sound, Captions, & Everything Under the Sun

Speaker: Cara Pantano, Sr. Manager, Verizon
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Cara Pantano, Sr. Manager at Verizon will dive into the results from a multi-pronged study on the relationship between video and sound. You’ll get answers to your most burning questions on how consumers are using video and what you can do to increase engagement and capture followers.

5 Videos Every Organization Should Make this Year

Speaker: Molly Swarttz, Program Management Lead, Wistia

From the video experts at Wistia, Molly Swarttz, Program Management Lead, will take us through which videos you should be creating to capture, engage, and delight your viewers. Molly will cover important stylistic and production elements to pay attention to, as well as how to incorporate accessibility into your video production process.
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Toolkit for the Digital Accessibility Space

Speaker: Jack Nicolai, Product Manager, Adobe

In this session, Jack Nicolai, Accessibility Product Manager at Adobe, will share tools, techniques, and best practices to integrate accessibility requirements into your projects. This presentation will help you create better documentation to effectively communicate accessibility requirements throughout all phases of the product development lifecycle.

An Exploration into How You Can Use Accessible Video to Improve Comprehension

Speakers: Karla Morris, Manager of Instructional Design, and Casey Frechette, Professor, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
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Karla Morris and Casey Frechette from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, set out to see if they could find a meaningful difference between the benefit of closed captioning and interactive transcripts in the classroom. In this study, Karla and Casey will dive into their findings uncovering the truth behind the impact of closed captions and interactive transcripts.

Astronaut Chat with actor CJ Jones

Speaker: CJ Jones, actor & comedian, Sign World Tv

In this fireside chat, we sit down with actor CJ Jones to learn about his experience as a Deaf actor in Hollywood, and how he’s using his production company, Sign World TV, as an emblem of accessibility in the entertainment industry.

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ACCESS is more than just an accessibility conference, it’s a community of accessibility experts eager to learn from each other and share their passions for creating a more universe-a11y accessible planet.

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We can’t wait to take off on this journey with you!

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