How to Add Captions Using Vimeo and Adobe Premiere Pro

Updated: June 3, 2019


Video creators rejoice! Vimeo’s new panel allows you to seamlessly upload your Adobe Premiere Pro videos straight into your Vimeo account.

With around 280 million subscribers and 715 million monthly views, Vimeo is a powerful video platform to use for your videos.

How to Download the Vimeo + Adobe Premiere Pro Panel

To get started, download the Vimeo panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s completely free, and the next time you reopen Adobe Premiere Pro, simply click Window > Extensions> Vimeo on the top navigation. The Vimeo panel will pop up, prompting you to log in with your Vimeo credentials.

Vimeo Pop Up on Adobe Premier Pro

Once your video is ready to upload from Adobe Premier Pro, you can simply drag or click “Upload” in the Vimeo extension, add a title, choose presets, set the privacy and more.

The next time you log into your Vimeo account, you’ll find your video within your files.

How to Add Captions

Now, for the most important part: captioning your video.

3Play Media offers a round trip integration with Vimeo, so once you export from Premiere, captioning is just as easy! Just add your Vimeo video to a 3Play Media album and we’ll post captions back to your video when they’re complete.

Vimeo Integration with 3Play
Or in your 3Play Media Account System, download the caption format for Vimeo.
3Play Account System, Vimeo format

Then to add captions to your video, upload your Premier video through the Vimeo extension. Then follow these steps to add captions to your video.

&Voilà! You now have your beautiful, captioned Premiere creation on Vimeo for the masses to enjoy.

Get started today!

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