Arizona State Web Accessibility Laws

November 23, 2015 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: June 3, 2019

Arizona observes a state web accessibility policy inspired by federal disability law, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Its stated purpose: “To establish a statewide policy that lowers the technical barriers to accessibility on Arizona Web sites for persons with disabilities.”

The statewide policy created by the Arizona Department of Administration – Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology Office (ADOA-ASET) applies to all websites for public state offices, branches, and departments — or institutions receiving state funding. This includes Arizona state colleges and universities, except for:

  • Universities under the jurisdiction of the board of regents
  • Community colleges under their respective jurisdictions and the legislative or judicial branches

The policy mandates accessible web design practices such as:

  • Providing adequate color contrast for color-blind or low-vision users
  • Including Alt text to describe images and graphs
  • Using proper HTML markup for lists and tables
  • Offering downloadable PDF files and text-only versions of web content
  • Including a transcript for audio content and closed captions for videos and video clips
  • Accessible form labels
  • Making all elements keyboard accessible

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