Can Your Closed Captioning Service Handle Lots of Content All at Once?

October 13, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: June 3, 2019


When you get a free sample from a caterer, you can bet it will be delicious. That’s because it’s easy for a caterer to present something great if that’s the only thing they’re delivering.

But how will the food taste when you order 50 meals from them? How about 100? Or 1000?

Can they maintain that same high quality at scale? Will the food get cold?

Will they get sloppy in their presentation, or deliver it late?

Closed captioning companies face the same dilemma.

At any given moment, a professional captioning vendor may get slammed with high volume orders for video transcription and captioning. If that content is complex (e.g., specialized terminology, poor audio quality, or speakers with thick accents), that makes the task even more daunting. And let’s say half of those orders are rush orders.

How do we deal with that?

Handling Captioning at Scale

Not every closed captioning company can handle a large influx of orders reliably. Fortunately, 3Play Media is equipped to handle it.

We guarantee at least 99% accuracy for every closed captioning order, no matter how fast you need it or how many of them you need.

Our nimble workforce of professional, certified transcript editors can adapt to a large workload with very little notice. Because our editors make their own hours and only claim jobs when they have the time to complete them by the deadline, you can trust that your captioning order won’t linger in someone’s inbox forgotten.

Our stellar Operations team ensures that our editors work efficiently, maintain our strict quality standards, and meet deadlines, even when facing a huge influx of orders.

Throughput: What It Means to Be Reliable

Video transcription and captioning vendors can promise a lot, but do they live up to those promises?

At 3Play Media, we pride ourselves on following through with our guarantees.

In our annual customer survey, one customer noted that throughput is what distinguishes us from our competitors:

“3Play does not ‘bog down’ under heavy amounts of requested transcripts. This has been the biggest differentiator between 3Play and other vendors.”

Our customers have a lot more to say about how we compare to the competition, so don’t take our word for it — take theirs.

Want to make sure you select the right closed captioning solution for you?

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