Captioning for Corporate Event Videos

May 24, 2019 BY JACLYN LEDUC
Updated: July 21, 2021

Corporate event videos can be used for anything from webinars to online meetings to conferences. However, many of these videos don’t have captions. This is detrimental because uncaptioned videos are not accessible to the many people around the world who are deaf or hard of hearing. In addition to captions making videos accessible, they also make videos more engaging and can help keep viewers more focused on the content.

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In this post, we discuss important things to consider when captioning corporate event videos and talk about some of the challenges organizations face when implementing a captioning solution. To help make the quest towards accessibility a little bit easier, we also provide a list of critical features to look for in a captioning vendor.

What’s Important for Captioning Corporate Event Videos?

Why are organizations captioning their corporate event videos? As previously mentioned, captions help with several things. They make videos accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing or people with other disabilities such as neurological disorders or autism. They also improve the user experience. When looking for a captioning solution, there are several critical things to consider to ensure that viewers get the most out of your videos.


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Captions are first and foremost used to make video accessible, and for video content to be truly accessible, captions must be accurate. Providing accurate captions also creates a better viewing experience for all. Research shows that 80% of people who use captions are not deaf or hard of hearing but use captions because it improves their viewing experience. For the sake of accessibility and user experience, captions for corporate event videos should have as few errors as possible.

Engagement and Focus

Videos can be used to reinforce topics in an important meeting discussion, to emphasize certain points in a webinar, or to make a conference presentation more visually dynamic. Regardless of the event or scenario, the main goal is to keep the audience engaged and focus. That’s where captions come in. Research has shown that people use captions as a way to maintain focus, which is why captions are so beneficial for corporate event videos.

What Challenges Arise with Captioning Corporate Event Videos?

Once an organization realizes the benefits that captions can have for its corporate event videos and decides to move forward with captioning, it’s time to search for a captioning solution. Settling on a captioning solution isn’t always easy, though, and organizations must think about challenges such as staying within budget and ease of captioning workflow when selecting a captioning vendor.


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Accurate, high-quality captions are great for accessibility and engagement, but at what cost? Organizations often have a captioning budget they must abide by, and because of that, they must look for captioning solutions that deliver accurate captions at an affordable cost. Finding a budget-friendly solution can prove to be a challenge, but it is possible to find a vendor that strikes a balance between reasonable costs and a quality captioning service.


Where are these corporate events taking place, and where are these many corporate event videos being hosted? The answer may differ from one organization to the other, and therefore, the captioning process would be different. The difficulty lies in finding a vendor that caters to each organizations’ specific captioning needs. Does the captioning vendor provide integrations for online video platforms? How many caption file formats does the vendor offer? Does the vendor give its customers the independence to manage video files and assign user permissions? Every organization requires its own unique captioning workflow and must find a captioning vendor that is willing to work together to create an experience that is both seamless and painless.

Which Caption Vendor Features Are Best for Corporate Event Videos?

There’s much to consider when seeking captioning solutions for corporate event videos. To make captioning a smoother process for your organization, look for vendors which provide the following features and solutions:

Account Management

If you’re captioning corporate event videos, look for a vendor with a user interface that’s easy to use. Your user account should make organizing and managing videos and caption files a breeze so that you can focus on creating more great content. It’s also critical that the vendor you choose offers substantial support documentation and access to a support team just in case of any unexpected hurdles.

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Caption Quality

Remember: Captions benefit everyone, but only when they’re not riddled with errors. Without caption accuracy, your corporate event videos won’t be accessible, and they’ll be less likely to keep your audience engaged. Be on the lookout for a vendor that guarantees at least 99% caption accuracy on all files.

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Almost everyone is looking for ways to save time, and it’s no different for captioning corporate event videos. Video platform integrations make captioning quick and painless, and in some cases, you don’t even need to login to your user account to get the captions you need. Vendors that can integrate with a variety of online video platforms help to make captioning a more efficient process.

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Competitive Pricing

Finding a captioning solution that is budget-friendly is a priority many organizations, including those producing corporate event videos. It may seem that quality captions are hard to come by at a reasonable price, but some vendors utilize both technology and quality assurance measures to keep costs competitive. To stay within budget without sacrificing accessibility, look for vendors that prioritize caption accuracy and offer prices that won’t break the bank.

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