Captioning and Transcription for Faith Organizations

April 28, 2020 BY 3MEDIAWEB
Updated: June 17, 2020

Many faith organizations use television and online video to connect with parishioners and reach wider audiences across the country. Discover what is important when adding captioning and transcription to online video for faith organizations.

Whether you are broadcasting your sermon on television or hosting an online video stream, captioning and transcription can help faith organizations provide greater accessibility, reach new audiences, and improve the viewing experience.

What is important for faith organizations?

accessibility laws for faith organizations


Faith organizations that broadcast sermons must comply with the FCC, which issues standards for communication via television and other forms of mass media distribution. In addition to the FCC requiring closed captions for all TV programs, they also provide Caption Quality Standards, which state, “In order to be accurate, captions must match the spoken words in the dialogue, in their original language (English or Spanish), to the fullest extent possible.” To be FCC compliant, faith broadcasts must deliver accurate captions with their television programs.

Legal Compliance

The accessibility laws for faith organizations vary depending on how these organizations are disseminating their content. If you broadcast your sermons on television, then you must comply with the FCC and CVAA, despite the ADA exemption.

It’s important to note that while religious organizations are exempt from the ADA, if an organization broadcasts on television, then they must comply with the CVAA and the FCC.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Due to the various components of broadcasting a live sermon, having an easy solution to captioning is imperative. All faith organizations are looking for a reliable turnaround, deadline compliance, and a steady captioning workflow.

What are common challenges for faith organizations?

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Building a Captioning Workflow

While the captioning process varies across all broadcasts and webcasts, oftentimes, there are several steps an organization must go through in order to get a video captioned on time. Having a solution that helps streamline the captioning process will ensure more videos are captioned in a timely manner.

Captioning for Diverse Audiences

Faith organizations reach diverse audiences, and many of those audiences may not speak English fluently.
Finding a one-stop-shop solution that provides closed captioning and translation services is ideal, but can be a challenging search.

Caption Placement

Vertical placement is important to ensure that the captions don’t obstruct important visual information on the screen, like the score tally. At 3Play, we offer both automatic and manual vertical caption placement to help your videos remain FCC compliant.

What captioning and transcription vendor features are important for faith organizations?

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Competitive pricing

Making sure captioning costs stay within the allotted budget is imperative for faith organizations. At 3Play, we use a mix of speech recognition technology and human editing to provide high-quality captions at a lower price point.

Custom API Workflow

Integrations and APIs help streamline the captioning workflow. A good captioning vendor will work with the network to help automate the captioning workflow. At 3Play, we offer over 20+ integrations with major video platforms and can create custom APIs for custom workflows.

Guaranteed Accuracy

3Play Media’s closed captions and transcripts comply with federal accessibility laws. Our captions provide a measured accuracy rate of 99.6%, and we always guarantee over 99% accuracy, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, and accents.

Reliable Turnaround Options

With broadcast media providers’ strict timelines and large volumes of content, turnaround options and deadline compliance are a high priority. 3Play Media offers multiple turnaround options ranging from 2 hours to 10 days and nearly everything in between. The only thing you need to do is pick which option works best for you, and we’ll do the rest.


When using 3rd party vendors, a good support system is critical to ensuring you are not alone against unexpected hurdles. At 3Play, you have direct access to an account manager, our robust knowledge base, and our support team.


Translation and subtitling services are important for faith organizations since it serves their diverse audiences. 3Play Media’s translation services are seamlessly integrated with our captioning and transcription services.

Faith Organizations Using 3Play Media

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