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What Clubhouse Means for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users

by Samantha Sauld in Uncategorized

Every so often, a new social media app hits the market and takes internet users by storm. Remember the days when everyone raced to create an account on Facebook, Instagram, or even more recently, TikTok? Whenever a new app launches and generates…

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Updated March 1, 2021

Disability In the Media: TV Shows Featuring Disabled People

by Jaclyn Leduc in Uncategorized

Representation matters. Disability in the media matters. According to PBS, “Portrayals of [marginalized people] in the media not only affect how others see them, but it affects how they see themselves.” People with disabilities have yet to reach proportional representation on screen.…

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Updated January 29, 2021

10 Frameworks for a Radically Inclusive Workplace

by Sofia Enamorado in Uncategorized

ACCESS is designed for all professionals with a mission to transform their organizations. We’ve brought together leaders from all industries who’ve achieved inclusion and equality in the workplace; now they want to show you how.  Diversity cannot exist without inclusion in the…

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Updated January 25, 2021

Boost the Impact of Online Publishing Video with Captions

by Jaclyn Leduc in Uncategorized

With the addition of captions, online publishing video can make a greater impact on your audience. Besides making videos more accessible to those with disabilities, captions expand your reach to a wider audience, create a better user experience, and increase viewership and…

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Updated March 9, 2021