How to Convert and Migrate Your Caption Files for the New Brightcove Player

March 11, 2015 BY LILY BOND
Updated: June 3, 2019

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Brightcove has released an exciting new player based on HTML5 instead of Flash. The Brightcove Player is responsive, with load times faster than any other player in the industry. However, there are some changes that you’ll need to consider.

We’re going to walk you through how the new Brightcove Player impacts your captions and show you three ways of converting your captions and migrating them for the new player.

What You Need to Know

  1. The new Brightcove Player will no longer support DFXP captions.
  2. When planning your adoption of the new Brightcove Player, it is crucial that you convert your caption files to WebVTT format before upgrading.
  3. If there are multiple language tracks in your DFXP files, each of these translations must be converted into separate WebVTT files.
  4. For now, you must host your WebVTT captions files outside of Brightcove. Support for uploading caption files in Brightcove will be part of a future release.
  5. If you are already a 3Play Media customer, we have a free, automated workflow in place to help you smoothly transition your captions to the new Brightcove Player.

Free Migration for Current 3Play Media Customers

If you are currently using the Brightcove integration with 3Play Media, we have set up an automated workflow to make the process of converting and migrating your caption files to the new Brightcove Player as simple as possible. Because all of your caption assets already exist in the 3Play Media account, this is a free service and there is no need to reprocess any of your files.
Enter your credentials for the new Brightcove Player to link your two accounts

  1. Email and request a migration to the new Brightcove Player.
  2. Update your Brightcove credentials in your 3Play Media account. You should update your Client ID and Client Secret for the new Brightcove Player.
  3. 3Play will convert your captions to WebVTT and host the files for you on a robust CDN where your captions will hold up even through heavy traffic. We will then link your captions back to your Brightcove videos for you.

Note that all future videos that you process for captioning using the 3Play integration with Brightcove will be captioned with WebVTT captions. We will host the files and link them directly back to your Brightcove videos automatically.

DFXP Files with Multiple Languages

If you have translated your captions into multilingual subtitles, there may be multiple languages in one DFXP file. In this case, we will create separate WebVTT files for each language and link each track back to your video. For example, if your DFXP file has 5 languages in it, we will create 5 WebVTT files and link each file to the associated video with a separatetag.

Input your Brightcove video ID

3Play Media Customers Who Captioned Brightcove Videos Without the Integration

If you captioned your Brightcove videos with 3Play Media without using the integration, you can map the videos in your 3Play account back to your Brightcove videos by inputting the corresponding Brightcove video IDs (the image on the right shows you where to do this). Then, you can follow the same steps listed above to have 3Play convert and link your caption files to your videos.

Don’t Have a 3Play Media Account? We Can Still Help!

3Play Media has recently introduced a caption import service, which allows users to import existing captions into 3Play. All of the account system tools are available to customers of caption import. We are able to utilize our caption import service to help out Brightcove users who want an automated workflow that will convert and preserve their caption assets when they upgrade to the new Brightcove Player. This is a good solution for users with a lot of captions where a DIY solution might prove too cumbersome and time consuming.

  1. Open a 3Play Media account:
  2. Link your Brightcove and 3Play Media accounts by inputting your credentials for both your old Brightcove account (Read Token and Write Token) and your upgraded Brightcove Player account (Client ID and Client Secret). This process is shown in the image below.
  3. 3Play Media will detect your DFXP caption files from within your old Brightcove account and use caption import to import them into your 3Play Media account. You will have access to all of 3Play Media’s functionalities for these captions: editing, translation, search, interactive plugins, format conversion, etc.
  4. 3Play will convert your captions to WebVTT and host the files for you on a robust CDN where your captions will hold up even through heavy traffic. We will then link your WebVTT captions back to your Brightcove Player videos for you.

Going forward, you can order captions directly from 3Play Media to automate the captioning process or continue to follow your current captioning process and use our caption import service for conversion and association with your Brightcove videos.

Link your Brightcove and 3Play Media accounts by inputting your credentials for both the old Brightcove account and the new Brightcove Player

DIY Instructions for Converting & Hosting Brightcove Captions

If you choose to convert and link your captions yourself, here are some DIY instructions for doing so. This is a solution worth considering for people who don’t have many caption files.

  1. Install Git and Python 2.7, then clone the GitHub repositories for pycaption and pycaption-cli to your desktop; at the command line, change the directory to the folder where you cloned the pycaption repository.
  2. Follow Brightcove’s support documentation for setting up Python 2.7 and updating the command line interface module to read and write WebVTT files.
  3. Locate your DFXP file and enter the following command: pycaption <pathtocaptionfile> --webvtt > output_file.webvtt
  4. Open your output_file.webvtt file; the converted file should look like the image below.
  5. Upload your caption file for hosting on your own server.
  6. Link your captions to your Brightcove videos by following the Brightcove support documentation for modifying the In-Page embed code to include a <track> tag for each caption file.

This is what a DFXP file should look like when it is converted to a WebVTT caption file.


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