How to Publish and Customize Interactive Transcripts to Make Your Videos Searchable

Updated: April 16, 2021

Want to make your videos searchable, interactive, and SEO-friendly? Then the interactive transcript is the perfect tool for you! In this article you will learn how to publish interactive transcripts and customize them with 3Play Media easy-to-use plugin.

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What are interactive transcripts?

If you are not familiar with our interactive transcript, it is a time-synchronized transcript of a video that highlights as the words in the video are being spoken.

Example of the interactive transcript in use. User is searching for WCAG, and every instance WCAG is mentioned in the video appears highlighted in the transcript to the right


The interactive transcript has a search window that allows users to search for any word and see a timeline of where in the video that word is spoken. They can then jump directly to those points in the video by clicking on the timeline. The interactive transcript also allows users to scroll through the transcript, click any word, and jump directly to that point in the video.

How-to: Interactive Transcript Plugin

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With 3Play Media, it’s easy to publish an interactive transcript.

 Step 1 

Head over to your account system, and select the video you want to add an interactive transcript to.

 Step 2 

Under Publish, select <>Publish Plugin.

 Step 3 

First, under Video Settings, make sure your video has a Video Source (YouTube, Wistia, Brightcove, etc.) and Video ID. You’ll know everything is set up correctly from the preview on the left side.

 Step 4 

Under Plugin Features, check the box for Interactive Transcript.


Demonstration of account adding the interactive transcript by checking a box

 Optional Step 5 

You can add different features to your interactive transcript like a downloadable button.

 Step 6 

Under Style Settings, you can adjust the player size and the skin color- dark or light.

 Step 7 

Once you are ready to publish, simply copy the embed code and paste it into to your web page’s HTML.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using an interactive transcript. An obvious benefit is in the case of education, where students can use interactive transcripts when they are studying to find a specific point in a video or lecture when they remember a professor talking about a relevant term (rather than having to watch the entire video to find that one specific part).

Interactive transcripts are also beneficial for SEO, user experience, and accessibility.

Do interactive transcripts help students? with link to article of the same title

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