Introducing Special Deliveries: A New Way to Customize Your Captioning Workflow

February 26, 2015 BY LILY BOND
Updated: June 3, 2019

Special deliveries is a new option in the 3Play Media account system that allows customers to have special formats added back to their FTP upon completion of the transcription process. Special deliveries also allows for unique naming conventions for the files being delivered.

Add a Special Delivery

Use Cases for Special Deliveries

If you are a user that requires a different postback configuration from our out-of-the-box integration postback options, special deliveries can help you customize your own workflow. Rather than posting captions back to a third party platform, special deliveries would automatically post captions back to your FTP in the format (or formats) you require for your own unique workflow.

Another reason to use special deliveries is for file sharing. If you, a 3Play customer, want to share captions with someone who does not have project access (for instance, if you are doing work for a client and you do not want that client to have project access in your 3Play account), special deliveries is a great way to allow a third party to review, download, and share captions/transcripts without ever having to grant them access to your 3Play Media account.

In either of these cases, you can use the naming conventions detailed below to customize the file names of the media assets delivered to you so that they are easy to find, organize, and utilize.

How to Set Up Special Deliveries

In the Settings section of your 3Play Media account, select Special Deliveries from the left hand nav. Click + Add a Special Delivery.

Under FTP Credentials, we recommend that you create a username and password specifically for the 3Play special delivery process. Under Delivery Name, choose a name for this configuration (note that this is not the name that will appear on your files). Under File Naming Convention, enter a naming profile for your special delivery files. You can use multiple variables by placing them in curly braces separated by underscores. For example, if you wanted to include the folder that the file is in, the name of the file, and the fact that it is a caption file, you would input {folder_name}_{name}_captions (i.e., the folder English101 and file Lecture_1 would read “English101_Lecture_1_captions”).

Choose a Naming Convention for your Special Deliveries

You can select any caption or transcript format you would like delivered (including any custom formats you have tied to your account) You can find all of the options for naming conventions below. Click Continue and select the formats that you would like delivered, then click Save Changes. Note that you can select any caption or transcript format that you would like delivered, including any custom formats you have tied to your account.

When your files are finished processing, they will be delivered automatically to your FTP. For example, using the naming convention suggested above, if you selected the formats .srt and .scc, your files would be delivered to your FTP with the following file names:

  • English101_Lecture_1_captions.scc
  • English101_Lecture_2_captions.scc


Variables for Naming Conventions
{id} The 3Play Unique File ID
{name} The name field for your file in your 3Play account
{video_id} The video_id field for your file in your 3Play account. If you are using a linked account, this will be your video platform’s ID field
{folder_name} The name of the folder the media file is in at the time of download
{attribute1} Wild card attribute1 from the metadata fields (similar for attribute2 and attribute3)
{fps} Frames-per-second setting for the media file. e.g. 29.97, 25
{fps_x.} Frames-per-second setting with the dot removed. e.g. 2997, 25
{dropframe} If the file is configured as drop frame “df”, otherwise nothing
{DROPFRAME} If the file is configured as drop frame “DF”, otherwise nothing
{lang} iso 639-1 code of the file language, e.g. “en”, “es”
{language} Full name of the file language, e.g. “English”, “Spanish”

For further information, please read our support article on special deliveries.

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