What Language Will My YouTube Captions Display In?

November 7, 2014 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: March 9, 2021

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If you’ve added multilingual subtitles on YouTube, you’re probably hoping that your viewer’s preferred language will automatically display when they watch your video. But is that what actually happens, or do viewers have to toggle the CC button to select their preferred language?

Well, the answer all depends on your viewer’s YouTube language preferences. You can see what your YouTube language preference is (and change it) by scrolling all the way to the bottom of your screen and clicking on the Language dropdown.

List Of The YouTube Languages Offered

If your viewer’s YouTube language preference is set to English, they will see your captions in English; if it is set to Spanish, they will see your captions in Spanish. Remember that you must have uploaded a Spanish subtitle file for this to happen. If you have only uploaded English captions to your video and your viewer’s language preference is set to Spanish, they will see English captions.

Change your language preferences at the bottom of your YouTube screen

If you want to make sure that your captions play in a certain language, you can embed the video on your website and force the captions to play in a specific language. Again, you must have uploaded a subtitle file in that language to your video. If you want to force captions to play in Spanish, for example, you would need to add the code &hl=es&cc_lang_pref=es&cc_load_policy=1 after your video ID in the iframe embed. You can change the language code (es) to change the language your video captions will play in.

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