Meet 3Play Media’s New and Improved Live Auto Captioning Service!

October 7, 2020 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: August 30, 2023

Last year, 3Play Media released a beta version of our Live Auto Captioning service, allowing you to add auto captions to live streaming online videos, meetings, and webinars. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made significant improvements to the service and now, our Live Auto Captioning is officially no longer in beta! 🎉

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So, What’s Changed About Our Live Auto Captioning Service? 

Based on feedback from our customers, the 3Play product team identified top level needs for: 

  • Accuracy enhancements 🎯
  • Easier implementation with a simple user experience 💻
  • Enhanced support for Zoom meeting/webinar hosts that are non-3Play users 🤝
  • Flexibility in event type and duration ⏱️
  • Seamless, native integrations with leading video and meeting platforms for live streaming 🔗
Accuracy Enhancements

We’ve invested research and development into increasing the accuracy of our ASR technology by reducing our WER (word error rate) as much as 10%, and implementing learned mappings from our human transcript editors, creating a significant distinction among current ASR offerings. 

User Experience

We completely redesigned the Live Auto Captioning interface in the account system making it more user-friendly, robust, and comprehensive. There are also more details and clarity around each upcoming, previous, and in-progress live auto captioning event on the dashboard page.

3Play Media live auto captioning dashboard pageDashboard Page


3Play Media Live Auto Captioning scheduling page

Scheduling Page


You also now have the option to schedule live auto captions for a stand-alone RTMP/RTSP stream even if you have other linked video platform accounts enabled for live auto captioning. Previously, both options did not coexist in the same 3Play project.

Zoom Meeting/Webinar Hosts

As part of the updated user experience, we introduced an additional workflow to support Zoom meeting hosts that do not have access to 3Play, so anyone in your organization’s linked Zoom account can transfer the API token to 3Play, allowing them to add live auto captions to their meetings or webinars. 

This particular workflow still requires a 3Play user in your organization to initially schedule the captions. Additionally, you now have the ability to define project-level settings for live captioning events, so any future events will have those settings applied.

Scalability of Service

We’ve enhanced our ability to scale indefinitely, so we can process simultaneous live streams across all 3Play customers and remain flexible with various event types and durations.

Meet 3Play’s Live Auto Captioning Service!

How Does 3Play’s Live Auto Captioning Work?

We currently integrate with the following video platforms: YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and Facebook. We also support live auto captions for standard RTMP/RTSP streams.

We’re currently in the process of enhancing our integration with Brightcove Live to support native player captions (608). Currently, our integration with Brightcove Live only supports 3Play live auto captions via iFrame or Javascript embed, meaning the captions appear outside of the Brightcove player.

By adding additional support for native player captions (608) with Brightcove Live, you’ll be able to stream live auto captions natively within the Brightcove player. This update to our integration with Brightcove Live should be available in the coming weeks! 


1. First, you’ll need to schedule a live event in your preferred video or meeting platform. 

YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and Facebook logos

2. Next, schedule the live auto captions in 3Play Media for your corresponding live event. 

3Play Media live auto captioning dashboard page


3. Submit a wordlist

Add a wordlist box


4. Stream your live event 

zoom live auto captioning


5. When the event ends, you can access the transcript in 3Play for editing or downloading, upgrade to our full transcription service to ensure 99%+ accuracy on the live recording, or order more services on the transcript. 

transcript of the live stream after a live auto captioning event


To learn more about the step-by-step process for each video platform, visit our Live Auto Captioning support page

Additional Product Updates You Can Look Forward to! 

Our Playlist Search plugin now supports integrations for Wistia and Vimeo, allowing your users to search across your entire video or audio libraries.

Wistia playlist search

The Playlist Search plugin already has out of the box integrations with YouTube, Brightcove, Kaltura, and thePlatform. Expanding support for Wistia and Vimeo has allowed publishers to share even more content with their audience through searchable playlists and corresponding interactive transcripts.

How does this work:

  • You must have linked accounts with Wistia and Vimeo
  • You must have the Playlist Search module turned on
  • You must have Content Publishing turned on
  • You must have at least one video transcribed in your linked account to access an embed code for the playlist

If all the above applies, you can navigate to the Settings page in the 3Play account system, then go to the Playlist Search module page, and copy the embed code into one of your HTML pages. The embed code contains your video player, interactive transcript and searchable playlist.

In addition, Glossaries are a new feature that’ll be coming soon! Glossaries can be submitted within the order form and typically include a list of terms, names, phrases, proper nouns, or acronyms that are searchable to the transcript editor working on your transcript. Providing a glossary of terms helps our team caption your content more efficiently and accurately.

Glossaries for live auto captioning

To learn more about our new live auto captioning service, register for our free webinar! 👇
Meet 3Play's new live auto captioning service! Register now for the free webinar

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