Captioning Unplugged: How Caption Encoding and Offline Captioning Works

August 4, 2016 BY PATRICK LOFTUS
Updated: September 7, 2022

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Defining Caption Encoding

Caption encoding is a process tailored to creating closed captions for videos on devices that are primarily not connected to the internet, or for live captioning. They can also be used for live captioning: encoders let a broadcaster simultaneously receive and encode the captions, allowing them to be displayed alongside a television program or video in real time. A caption encoder makes it possible for viewers to use captions across all of their devices.

Examples of devices that require caption encoding are kiosks and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Many kiosks operate offline, and in order to make the audio accessible to D/deaf and hard of hearing users, they require a caption encoder. And while mobile devices can connect to the internet via data and WiFi, any videos downloaded for offline viewing require caption encoding.

Offline vs. Online Captions

Closed captions you encounter while watching online videos (such as on YouTube) exist on a separate file, or sidecar file, which the video player associates with the video. Caption encoders, however, actually embed the captions into the video file itself and do not require a video player that relies on internet connectivity such as QuickTime, or Netflix videos that are downloaded onto mobile devices.

Our Process

Caption encoding is a feature 3Play Media offers users in the account system after a video file has been transcribed.

Once a video has been uploaded and transcribed, users can select the option to encode the captions into the video so that a single video file with captioning functionality is produced. This file can then be downloaded into many different formats for playback on a wide variety of offline devices.

For a brief overview of how 3Play Media’s caption encoder works, watch the video below:

Visit our Closed Captioning Services if you want to learn more about caption encoding, our account system, and how you can caption videos for offline viewing!


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