One Plugin to Rule them All: Introducing the 3Play Plugin

Updated: January 31, 2020

Say hello to the 3Play Plugin!

With 3Play Plugin, making your videos accessible just got a whole lot easier.

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What is the 3Play Plugin?

3Play Plugin was designed to make your publishing process simpler and more flexible.

Part of what makes our services unique is that we offer free features for you to add to your videos to improve the viewing experience.

Interactive Transcript & Video Search: Allows you to search key terms in a transcript and see where that term appears in the video. You can also click on the term within the transcript to jump directly to that point in your video. Audio Description Embed This embed allows you to post audio descriptions on video players and platforms that don't support audio description. Captions Embed This embed allows you to post captions over YouTube videos you don't own or on video players that don't support captions. SEO Embed Google can't watch videos. To help your videos rank, we created the SEO embed which injects metadata from your video into the head of your page, allowing Google to properly rank your video. LMS Compatibility The LMS plugin template allows you to add captions, interactive transcripts, and audio descriptions to Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle.

We’ve created features that help you improve your video’s SEO, add captions to videos you don’t own, add audio description to video players that don’t support it, and add interactive transcripts to your videos.

Before the 3Play Plugin, adding all these features meant creating and publishing separate plugins, then compiling the codes together.

With the 3Play Plugin, all that work is a thing of the past.

The new 3Play Plugin is a compilation of all our features. Basically, all you have to do now is check a box for the feature you want to add.

3play plugin interface. adding interactive transcripts.

For example, you can easily generate a single embed code or hosted link for a video that includes both the audio description plugin and the interactive transcript.

Furthermore, as you select a feature to add, it will show up in the preview window.

How cool?!

What platforms does 3Play Plugin work with?

3Play Plugin works with most major video players – like YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, and Wistia – and with HTML5 video. It’s also compatible with most publishing platforms, including LMS systems.

Check out all our integrations here.

How do you publish with 3Play Plugin?

3Play Plugin makes publishing simple.

After you select the features you would like included in your plugin, a code will appear under “Your embed code.” Simply copy this code into the body of your HTML and voilá!

arrow pointing at embed code in the 3play plugin interface

We provide two embed options: iframe embed and javascript embed.

iframe embed (recommended) Compatible with most video players Compatible with most publishing platforms Compatible with LMS systems Compatible with YouTube videos you don’t own Single line embed code javascript embed (custom) Requires changes to HTML on the page Video embed is not included in the plugin embed More customizable in complicated publishing workflows Compatible with most video players Not compatible with LMS systems"

How do I use 3Play Plugin?

3Play Plugin can be found in the same location as past plugins. Simply select a video in your 3Play Media account, then select Publish. In the drop-down menu, choose Publish Plugin.

arrow pointing at publish in the account system

You’ll be immediately taken to the plugin interface.

Under Video Settings, you can select the source of your video (your video player integration). If you want to use a video that’s not linked to a platform, simply select Custom and enter your video ID credentials.

Under Style Settings, you can customize the width and height of the plugin, as well as the plugin skin color.

laptop demonstrating light and dark style with the interactive transcript

Finally, under Plugin Features, you can check all the features you want to include.

As you select plugin features, they will show up in the preview window, so you can easily see what it would look like and how it would function.

When you are ready to publish, simply copy the embed code to paste it in your video player.

If you want to use the same template for future videos, simply give your template a name and save it. Next time you log on, you’ll be able to find the plugin under Plugin Settings.


What about the plugins I’ve created in the past?

You can easily convert old plugin templates to use with the 3Play Plugin.
Simply head over to the Settings tab in your 3Play Media account. Select Plugin Templates under the settings menu on the left. Any templates that are convertible will have a green Convert Template button.

arrow pointing at green button to convert

Why use the 3Play Plugin?

3Play Plugin is interactive, accessible, and SEO friendly.

You can easily add interactive transcripts, captions, audio description, and embeds (like the SEO and LMS embed) to your videos. There’s no more need to navigate off the page to add these features.

Since 3Play Plugin is an iframe embed, it works seamlessly with the major video players and platforms.

Elevate the video experience for your users. Give 3Play Plugin a try!

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