Benefits of Using One Vendor for Captioning and Audio Description

February 10, 2020 BY JACLYN LEDUC
Updated: May 21, 2020

The overall benefits of using one vendor for captioning and audio description are unmatched, and here’s why:

When you opt to employ one video accessibility vendor, it gives you access to volume discounts, optimized workflows, easy service upgrades, and one account system to manage it all.

Convenient and straightforward: what’s not to love about that? ❤️



Volume Discounts

Often, when you have more video content than you know what to do with, anywhere from tens to hundreds of hours of videos, vendors offer volume discounts at a lower price per minute of video.

Going through one vendor for captioning and audio description can soften the hit to your wallet. Plus, since you would be bundling on services, vendors may offer more significant volume discounts. 3Play Media, for instance, provides the opportunity for discounts based on ordering both captioning and audio description services.

Plus, you’ll only need to negotiate one contract. Need we say more?

Simplified Workflow

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When you use two vendors, one for captioning and one for audio description, you have to submit videos twice to two separate systems. That means logging in twice and uploading the same video twice. When there are boatloads of video content to be captioned and described, this process quickly becomes tedious.

Why add more to your plate when you can simplify your workflow with one vendor for captioning and audio description? Just upload one video, then kick off your shoes while your video gets captioned and described.

With 3Play Media, your transcript, caption, and audio description files are easy to locate within your account. If you ever need to return to re-download those files, they’ll all be precisely in the same place you left them. Easy-peasy. 🍋

Depending on the vendor, you won’t have to log in to your account or manually upload videos at all. 3Play offers video player integrations that allow you to submit videos for captioning and audio description directly from your video player.

 Why wait? Choose the right vendor and change the way you do video accessibility. Here’s how: 👉   

Easy Upgrades

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The benefit of using the same vendor for captioning and audio description is that you can easily order both services at any time without hassle. There’s also the option to order one service now and the other service later, depending on your needs.

Say, for instance, you’ve been using one vendor for captioning for some time now but have since identified a need for audio description. Instead of calling up handfuls of other vendors, you can save yourself time by ordering audio description directly from the vendor you’re already working with.

Customers using 3Play Media for captioning can easily log in to their account, select their already captioned file, and order audio description. This “upgrade” option allows current customers to order audio description without having to go through the entire process twice.

Better Project Organization

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If you like staying organized, then you’ll like using one vendor for captioning and audio description. The advantage of having one account to manage both your captioning and audio description files is that everything is under one roof. It’s easier to keep track of progress for specific video files.

With 3Play, you can even organize different video projects into specific folders for optimal organization. If there are multiple people with access to your account, another 3Play capability, project organizing is key to ensuring they can find the videos they’re searching for.

How to Choose the Right Vendor for Captioning and Audio Description

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right video accessibility vendor? We’ve rounded up the top questions to ask vendors and critical features to look for so that you can feel confident in your decision.

In general, look for vendors that offer a full suite of video accessibility services with captioning, transcription, and audio description so that you can opt to use one vendor for everything. You’ll also want to ask about things like quality assurance measures, workflow, and cost.

How to Choose the Right Video Accessibility Vendor blog.

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