How Oracle University Captions to Boost Accessibility & Employee Engagement

Updated: March 9, 2021

In the webinar hosted by Training Magazine Network, Ben Labrum, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Oracle University Digital Learning, and Lily Bond, Director of Marketing at 3Play Media, share how creating accessible videos leads to greater employee engagement and comprehension.

Watch the full webinar, Improving Engagement and Comprehension of Training Videos the Oracle Way, or read below the QA.

a11y laws for company training videos

Do internal training videos need to be captioned?

LILY BOND: Internal training videos are covered under ADA Title II, and they do have to be captioned. And most people will generally say by request. If you have anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing or requests those captions as an accommodation, you would be legally required to add them.

Has Oracle University done any videos that are in English and the captions are in a different language?

BEN LABRUM: Yes. We had a pilot project that we did for China. We picked 10 most desired courses.

We took the time-stamped export from 3Play and went through it and put it all in Chinese, and then we imported it back into the system.

Then the way that experience is is you just click that CC button. Then there’s another option that says Chinese. It’s even configurable so it can have that character that means Chinese in there. You select that, and then you see the subtitles, just like you would watching a foreign film, underneath.

Does 3Play provide the transcripts for Oracle University?

BEN LABRUM: Yes. And beyond providing the transcript, they also provide the platform with the time syncing. And they have a code that you embed on your website underneath your video that hooks into the video platform’s API. And so this all comes with the 3Play service.

Is there a way to configure where the captions appear on the screen?

LILY BOND: Caption placement is a tool that you can use that will move the captions to the top of the screen if they’re obscuring anything on the bottom of the screen. It depends on what video player you’re using to publish and whether or not they support that encryption method.

Watch the full webinar!

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