Resources for Online Education Accessibility & Policy Building

February 6, 2013 BY SHANNON K. MURPHY
Updated: March 2, 2021

The following list contains recommended resources for online education accessibility to help build an accessibility policy at your university or institution of higher learning.

Should you have any questions on how to best utilize this list or have an addition, please reach out in the comments section of this blog!

Required Reading

Section 508 Government Website Requirements

Section 504: Protecting Students with Disabilities

Summary of WCAG 2.0 Principles & Guidelines

“From Where I Sit” Stories of Disabled Students

WebAIM: Web Accessibility in Mind

E-learning Policy Aides

Selecting Software for Students with Learning Disabilities

Container, Content, and Capability: The Three C’s of Accessibility and Distance Education

Tutorials for Creating Accessible Documents in Multiple Formats (For Faculty)

Guidelines for Producing Instructional and Other Printed Materials in Alternate Media for Persons with Disabilities

Creating and Producing Accessible Content Courses

Procurement Policy Aides

California State University Procurement Policy Documentation

University of Washington Procuring Accessible IT Guidelines

Universal Design Aides

Accessibility Checklist for Web-based Course Material

Triage for Accessifying Websites

Deafness and the User Experience

The World Wide Web Consortium

Accessibility Partnerships

American Foundation for the Blind: Accessibility Partnerships

HP Accessibility Partners

California Department of Social Services: Deaf Access Program (DAP)

University Accessibility Assets

Section 508 Academic Inclusion Plans [Complete Educational Institution List]

California Community Colleges High Tech Training Center Unit

California State University Accessible Technology Initiative

George Mason University Accessibility

Michigan State University Web Accessibility

San Francisco State University Accessible Technology Initiative

University of Washington DO IT, The Center for Universal Design in Education

Other Resources for Online Education Accessibility

Resources for Disabled People Battling Addiction

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