Video SEO: Why You Should Create a Video Transcript Publishing Calendar

Updated: June 3, 2019

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Over the past several months we have published numerous blog articles on video SEO and how to use transcripts and captions to get the most from your video content. We have reviewed how to best publish short-form video transcripts and long-form video transcripts, but on an individual basis. What if you’ve recently completed an archive transcription project? Several hundred thousand words hitting your site provides a lot of SEO value, but to get the most benefit it needs to be managed and scheduled. In this article we will review transcript publishing best practices aimed at augmenting your site presence, structure, and trust with search engines.

Why You Should Keep a Video Transcript Publishing Schedule

Adding content to your site is a numbers game. How many pages do you have right now? How frequently do you add pages? It is important to ask these questions because doubling the word count of your website overnight can raise some flags. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous websites dump large volumes of content on their sites to fake authority and relevance. Although Google’s algorithm has gotten much better at distinguishing high quality content from this “black hat” content, it still makes sense to think about your publishing strategy. Google rewards sites that publish fresh content regularly, so if you are interested in improved SEO benefits over the long-term, don’t dump, drip.

What is dripping content? In the same way that a conventional coffee machine makes coffee by brewing a small amount over time, it’s best to steadily release video transcript content. For example, transcribing 100 hours of video produces about 1 million words. Depending on the size of your site, it’s probably better to publish that content over a 3-month period instead of all at once. Video SEO requires patience and on-going work, but dripping content will fill your SEO “pot” before you know it.

3 Benefits of Dripping Video Transcripts

  1. Builds Links Steadily: Publishing several transcripts a week generates more linking opportunities for your site. Linking your video to a paginated long-form transcript is standard for a functioning user interface, but don’t forget outbound links from your transcript. Select anchor text throughout the transcript that is congruent with your keyword strategy, then link these words to related blogs, product pages, and support articles. Read more about this in Video SEO Series: Best Practices for Linking to Your Video Transcript.
  2. Keeps Keyword Strategy Agile: Using tools such as Google Adwords and Moz to monitor keywords you wish to rank for is a process that requires flexibility. Ebbs and flows in the popularity of keywords should affect the order in which you publish your transcripts. Targets move in the world of digital marketing. You may decide to use a variant of your keyword, whereas four months ago, it wasn’t even a consideration. A publishing schedule helps to constantly assess this process.
  3. Stimulates More Frequent Indexing: By adding to your site at regular intervals, you give Google a steady stream of content to index. Remember, Google bots may not come to your site every day or even every week. If you publish fresh content on a regular basis, search bots will review your site more often, but until then, your new content is invisible to the web. If you occasionally publish 1,000 new pages in one week and then nothing again for three months, your site will be crawled and indexed less frequently. Learn more about fresh content and how it influences SEO with this fantastic article from Moz.

How to Create a Video Transcript Publishing Calendar

Create a spreadsheet and add a column for each of the following:

    A. Video Transcript Name
    B. Keyword Focus (max: 3 keyword phrases)
    C. Publishing Date
    D. Projected Number of Pages
    E. Content to Link to (blogs, whitepapers, FAQs)

Tracking these items will assist in understanding your website work load and help you to publish each transcript in an organized, efficient, and user-friendly fashion. The publishing quantity and frequency should be based on the size of your site, but it is best to come up with weekly or monthly targets.

How to Prioritize which Transcripts to Publish First

When assessing which video transcripts to publish first, ask what you need these transcripts to drive. Do you need newer videos to be discovered? Are certain products failing? Is a competitor beating you for attractive keywords? Video transcripts should be prioritized based on your overall SEO goals.

When getting up to speed with video SEO, it’s only natural that you will be excited to introduce new transcripts to amplify discoverability. By dripping content over time, you keep your site fresh with activity that is extremely attractive to search engines. Catalog your video content, stay organized, and publish video transcripts thoughtfully. A strategic approach to publishing transcripts adds punch to your video marketing plan.

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