The Benefits of In-Player Captions

September 16, 2021 BY SAMANTHA SAULD

When streaming your next live event, you’ll want to ensure it’s live captioned. 

Live captions not only make your live streams more accessible, but they also make them more engaging for viewers. 

Innovative technology has made it easier to include captions on live streams, however, some workflows are preferable to others. 

That’s where in-player captions come in. In-player captions offer a more equal viewing experience for your live stream. 

Read on to discover the benefits of using in-player captions for your live streams. 

Live Captioning with 3Play Media 🎥


What Are In-Player Captions?

Although technology has come a long way, there are still some limitations when it comes to some live captioning workflows. 

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In-player captions allow you to add time-coded captions directly to your live stream on any platform, at any time. 

For some live captioning workflows, viewers are forced to use multiple screens to view the live stream and the captions. With in-player captions, you don’t have to choose between one or the other because it allows you to use captions and view the live stream at the same time. 

When “captions” are shown in a different browser, oftentimes, they’re not time-coded. In this case, the text would technically not be captioning, but would actually be considered a transcript. Transcripts are a plain text document of the audio within a video, while captions are time-coded. 

Although transcripts can be used as an accommodation for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, they shouldn’t be used as a substitute for captions. They aren’t enough to meet the legal requirements of the major accessibility laws since they do not offer a fully equal experience. 

In order to be in compliance with WCAG 2.0, the international standard for web accessibility, video content must have time-synchronized text which allows viewers to follow along much easier.    

Ultimately, the purpose of providing text with your video content is to make your live streams more accessible and engaging. In-player captions do just that by creating equal access for all viewers. 

3Play Media’s Live Captioning Solution

At 3Play, we recently enhanced our RTMP workflow for live captioning, offering increased flexibility with live stream inputs and outputs.

We can deliver 608 standard encoded captions to your preferred destination, which means no more captions on a separate screen. 

All you have to do is provide a Restream URL and we’ll deliver captions directly to that destination. In simpler terms, just send us your live video and we’ll add captions directly to your stream!

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To learn more about how to set up in-player captions with 3Play, visit our support doc which provides step-by-step details on how to get started. 

Live Streams and Beyond

Live streaming is taking the world by storm. With so much video content out there, it can be challenging to distinguish your streams from the rest. 

With live captions, your live videos become more accessible and engaging to a wider audience. 

However, not all live captioning workflows work best for live streamers and their viewers. In-player captions not only create an equal experience but also a more user-friendly experience. 

Discover for yourself why live captioning and in-player captions are beneficial for your live streams in the free webinar below! 

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