The Benefits of Playlist Search

Updated: March 16, 2021

playlist search

Growing up with Google, we’ve become accustomed to searching for what we want to know and finding it within the results. But while Google is great at finding our answers within web pages, Googling within a video is a little more complicated.

Video content is the future. More and more companies are opting for video because it’s intriguing, creative, and for many, easier to digest.

The only downfall is that video can’t be searched. So to find a specific topic or keyword, one has to watch the whole video.

That’s where playlist search comes in. Playlist search can help revolutionize your content and create a whole new user experience.

What’s playlist search?

Playlist search compiles videos together into a customizable playlist with transcripts and a search bar. Users can use this feature to search for key terms within an entire video or audio library.

playlist search in action. searching for algorithms

Check out MIT’s Infinite History site for more examples!

Why should I use it?

Playlist search has many benefits. For starters, it gives the user flexibility to decide how they want to watch your content.

It also…

Increases user engagement.

Did you know humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish? Goldfish can give you nine seconds of attention, while us humans can only give you eight seconds.

So while we can’t all market to goldfish, we have to face the reality of marketing to humans and trying to hold their engagement for much longer than it takes to finish this sentence.

One way to help increase attention span is through playlist search.

Playlist search allows the user to interact with the video, encouraging the user to engage in multiple ways.

For example, the viewer can easily follow along with the transcript as it moves in real-time to the words being spoken.

Playlist search also allows users to search for relevant terms within the video or library of videos. With the plugin, the viewer can jump to the spots in the video where the terms appear.

So for example, imagine a user watching a video about technology. Suddenly, robots are mentioned, causing you viewer’s attention span to trail off and wonder about robots. With playlist search, they can then search for the term “robots” within your playlist and then jump to the places where robots are mentioned.

It makes your content searchable.

Just like our attention span has severally depleted, so has our patience. Modern technology’s ability to give us instant answers is causing us to be less patient and less focused.

So this means people are less willing to watch a whole video to get an answer. Which is why we Google the answer because we don’t want to sit around watching a five, three, or even one-minute video.

One work around? Let playlist search become your new Google. Gone are the days of video impatience because with playlist search you can locate all the places where a term such as “student” is mentioned and jump to those spots.

It increases the amount of time people remain on your web page.

With playlist search, users can bounce from one video to the next without having to leave your web page. So not only are users remaining engaged with your content, they are also remaining on your web page because they don’t have to manually search for answer across your website or competitors websites.

Simple. Effective. Efficient.

It helps you get organized

Just like we organize our music, we can also organize our videos.

With playlist search, you can easily organize your content by lessons, subjects, themes, events, you name it. By having your videos nicely categorized, it prevents users from getting lost in unrelated content.

In addition, it keeps users from having to manually search across your website to find the answers they seek.

It makes your content accessible.

Around 20% of Americans have some form of a disability. To break that down even further, approximately 15% of Americans 18 and over have some degree of hearing loss. Adding captions and transcripts makes your content more accessible to these individuals.

Where can I get one?!

To use playlist search, you’ll need to activate the feature in your 3Play Media account system.

Don’t have a 3Play account? Get started today!

Happy playlist searching!

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