Unsure if You Need to Edit Your Captions & Subtitles? We’ve Got a Checklist for That

February 17, 2023 BY JENA WALLACE

Download the [FREE] Checklist: Caption Reformatting

New network, streaming, and distribution deals crop up almost daily. With all of this video content being re-aired and distributed across the globe, producers and distributors must set their sights on preparing their video libraries and all of their associated files. Bringing videos up to spec for new networks and platforms is key–but what about your caption and subtitle files?

Too often, this is a question that gets pushed until the last minute, leaving producers and distributors in a scramble to determine whether they need to edit caption and subtitle files.

We know it’s tough to balance the shifting priorities within post-production and distribution of your video content. That’s why we created a checklist to help you figure out when editing the captions and subtitles of your existing content is necessary.

Our Caption Reformatting Checklist takes the guesswork out of your media accessibility workflows. We provide clear guidance on video changes that require updates to your captions and subtitles. Plus, we offer relevant industry examples and helpful efficiency tips to speed up the process. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside of our latest free resource for the media and entertainment industry.

Download your free Caption Reformatting Checklist ✂️

Video Changes that Require Caption or Subtitle Edits

Did you need to edit your video for distribution or re-air? Learn what changes need to be reflected in your caption or subtitle file.

If you didn’t update your video, but you’re wondering if your captions and subtitles might need a refresh, we cover that too.


We provide relevant examples of each reformatting use case so that you’re left with no doubts on when you need to edit your captions and subtitles.

Efficiency Tips

Our helpful efficiency tips guide you through what you can provide to your captioning vendor to speed up the reformatting process. These tips help you edit captions and subtitles quickly while skipping all the back-and-forth between your vendor, post-production, distributors, and more.


Gain access to a curated list of key 3Play Media resources for you to reference as you make accessibility part of your content production process.

As you prepare to distribute your existing content to other networks and platforms, it is critical to ensure your closed captions or SDH subtitles are up to date. The Caption Reformatting Checklist will help you determine whether or not you require a reformat, better informing your budget and timelines. Download it for free today!

Do your captions and subtitles need a refresh? Our Caption Reformatting Checklist can help! Free download.

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