Upcoming Webinars: From Captioning and Audio Description to the Legal Landscape in Digital Accessibility

Updated: June 3, 2019

We have some exciting webinars coming to you this month and next. We’ll be diving into the nuts and bolts of both captioning and audio description. You wont want to miss it!

Then coming to you in September, Lainey Feingold, an internationally recognized disability rights lawyer, joins us once again for an updated review on the legal landscape in digital accessibility over the past year.

Register for these free webinars by following the links below.

webinar: Captioning the 3Play Way

Captioning the 3Play Way

May 18, 2017 at 2pm – 2:30pm ET

Join us to learn more about 3Play Media’s closed captioning process, services, tools, and standards. In this webinar, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder Josh Miller will address how 3Play Media can help make your videos fully accessible, searchable, and more engaging for all viewers.
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Webinar:The nuts & Bolts of Captioning

The Nuts & Bolts of Captioning & Describing Online Video

May 25, 2017 at 2pm – 3:00pm ET

Watch this webinar to learn about the mechanics of captioning and audio description. In this webinar Owen Edwards, Senior Accessibility Consultant at SSB BART Group, and Lily Bond, Director of Marketing at 3Play Media, will dive into the who, what, where, when, how, and why’s for captioning and audio description.

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webinar: Quick Start to Captioning

Quick Start to Captioning

June 22, 2017 at 2pm – 2:30pm ET

Watch this webinar to learn the basics of how to add closed captions to online video to make it fully accessible, searchable, and SEO-friendly. This webinar covers Section 508 and ADA accessibility compliance, creation of closed captions, explanation of caption formats and video player compatibility, as well as an overview of automated workflows and integration with lecture capture and video platforms.
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webinar: 2017 Legal Update on Digital Accessibility Cases with Lainey Feingold

2017 Legal Update on Digital Accessibility Cases with Lainey Feingold

September 19, 2017 at 2pm – 2:30pm ET

This webinar will be presented by Lainey Feingold, an internationally recognized disability rights lawyer and pioneer of Structured Negotiation known for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements. In this webinar, Lainey will take us through key cases, government agency activity, settlements, and other developments in the digital accessibility legal landscape since her last 3Play Media webinar in September 2016.
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