How to Upload Captions or Subtitle Files to Your YouTube Videos

Updated: March 9, 2021

Your first step to adding captions to your YouTube videos, of course, is creating captions. YouTube has lots of suggestions for DIY captioning tools, as well as captioning services that will generate a caption file for you. Either way, once you’ve completed your captions, it’s time to upload your caption file to YouTube!

Note: If you caption your videos with 3Play Media, your captions will automatically post back to YouTube, and there is no need to upload a caption file.

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How to Upload Your Caption File

  • Go to your Video Manager and select Edit next to the video you want to add captions to.
  • Select Subtitles and CC
  • Select the language of your video
  • Select Upload a File and choose a language
  • Choose the type of file you’re uploading (if it’s a caption file, you will want to select Subtitles file)
  • Browse your computer for the file
  • Click Upload, use the editor to make any needed adjustments, and Publish

Three Steps To Adding Captions To Youtube

What Type of Caption File Should I Upload?

While YouTube accepts many types of caption files, we recommend SRT (.srt) files because they are the simplest format: they require only basic timing information and can easily be edited with any plain text editor. YouTube’s other preferred format is .scc (Scenarist Closed Caption) because the format is based on CEA-608 data. While the following basic and advanced formats are supported, YouTube discourages their use.

Basic formats accepted for upload by YouTube include:.sbg, ,sub, .mpsup, .lrc, and .cap. Note that basic formats do not allow you to specify styling, while advanced formats do. Accepted advanced formats include: .smi, .sami , .rt, .vtt, ,dfxp, and .ttml.

Again, it is preferable to upload an SRT file, which looks like this:

The Time Format Used Is hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds

If you want to avoid the upload process, 3Play Media automates the uploading process, so you don’t have to worry about it!

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