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February 14, 2018 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: June 3, 2019


Gif of new 3play media home page. scrolling down we see a banner that says 3Play Media: Accessible Video made easy. The we keep scrolling down the page and see3 3Play's customers including Yale, P&G, and AutoDesk.


Welcome to the new 3playmedia.com! We are completely new and improved.

We’ve drastically changed our look, navigation, and accessibility, with the goal of making our website universally accessible and easier to navigate.

We’ve redesigned with accessibility in mind.

Our most important change is the website’s accessibility.

Why? Because accessibility is in our DNA, and we wanted to amplify that through our website and make it as easy as possible for others to access our content and services.

Modeled after WCAG 2.0 principles, all users can now navigate our website through a mouse, a keyboard, and a screen reader.

All our images include alt text, we’ve checked and ensured sufficient color contrast, our layout is consistent and clear, our videos are captioned and described (duhh), and we’ve used proper HTML tags…. just to name a few of our features.


four categories, hear, speak, touch and see. In hear there is a deaf woman, a man with an ear infection and a bartender. in speak there is a man who is non verbal, a woman with laryngitis, and a woman with a heavy accent. in touch there is a man with one arm, a man with an arm injury and a new parent. in see there is a blind man, a cataract woman and a distracted driver.

Image Source: Microsoft Inclusive Design

As Vox puts it, “We should never make assumptions about our users,” therefore we should design with universality in mind.

Now our website is a shining beacon of that.

So…tab away!

We’ve redesigned with usability in mind.

Screen capture of website view on iphone, person is scrolling through the main page and blogs

Our old site, while near and dear to our hearts, was outdated in terms of usability.

There was a lot (of greatness) going on, which made it look “busy.”

Now, we’ve decluttered, and boy was Marie Kondo right about the life-changing magic of tidying up!

The new 3Play Media is a tidied up version of the old one (all its greatness is still here!).

Now, it’s cleaner and easier to use.

Oh, and we are mobile friendly. So you can enjoy all our content on your iPhone, Android, Sidekick, Google Phone, etc., and the website will respond!

We’ve redesigned with navigability in mind.

We have an ever-expanding library of content and service offerings, which was one of the main culprits behind the busyness of our last website.

With our new, cleaner look, you can now easily navigate our vast library of content and service offerings.

Our new motto is categorized.

Our categorization is beautifully demonstrated with our new, sleek drop-down menus throughout the website.

screen capture of drop down menus found on the main navigation bar. the mouse is hovering over all the categories including solutions, industries, resources, and company. a drop down menu with selections under appears when the user hovers over the word.


If you are a frequenter of our webinars, we’ve conveniently split our upcoming and recorded webinars for easier navigation. You can also search through our library of recorded webinars through categories or via a search bar.

Our blogs are also easily searchable by category or search term.

recorded webinar page. screenshot of category and search bar feature


And if you are using a screen reader, there is always a ‘Skip to Main Content’ command at the top of each page, so that you don’t have to tab through the navigation menu.

We love to create new content and innovate new services for you, but we also don’t want to overwhelm you or make you feel like Columbus on an expedition.

Start exploring!

a space man on top of a rocket ship

Now, while we’ve changed on the outside, it certainly doesn’t mean we’ve changed on the inside. We are still the cool 3Play Media, but we’ve undergone the Cinderella treatment.

So, without further ado, get exploring!

And if you don’t know where to begin, here are a couple places to check out:

  • Under the ‘Solutions’ tab, you’ll find all our services, features, and ‘How it Works’ guides.
  • Looking for the blog? You will always find it on the menu at the top right corner, where you can also ‘Get Started,’ visit ‘Support,’ ‘Contact Us,’ and ‘Login’ to your 3Play Media account.
  • Hover over the ‘Resources’ tab, and you will find our webinars, white papers, industry studies, quizzes, accessibility law guides, and other helpful resources to help you on your a11y journey!

3play media logo in blue

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