Why Our Transcript Editors Love Working With 3Play

January 4, 2018 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: January 26, 2021

At the core of what we do is our team of transcript editors.

At 3Play, we have thousands of U.S. based editors who work daily (and at all hours) to ensure the services we provide to you are accurate, timely, compliant, and up to standards.

Our transcript editors go through a rigorous certification process well before they touch a file. We provide constant support to ensure that our editors feel well equipped to tackle any job.

All editors come from very diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, which is very valuable to us as we get a lot of different types of content.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are our editors working with 3Play?

nine out of ten happy

On a scale of 1-10, our transcript editors rated their happiness an 8.5 out of 10.
We have editors who are teachers, students, engineers, actors, writers, YouTube stars, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms and dads, and even a sheepherder.

We’ve built a diverse, talented, and passionate community that works diligently to produce quality captions and audio description.

It takes more than just knowing how to write to be a good transcript editor. It takes hard work, practice, and dedication.

And at 3Play, we are proud to say we have the best of the bunch transcribing your videos every day.

How Do We Stack Up?

We are incredibly proud of the feedback we received, and especially happy with many of the common themes! The way we treat our editors has really stood out. We are fair, responsive, supportive, and clear with expectations and standards. One person pointed out, 3Play has “the best transparency of any company I’ve worked with.” Our editors are an incredibly important part of our company, and we strive to make that apparent to each and every one of them. Another editor noted, “I feel more involved with the company [than I have with others].”

Appreciation goes a long way, and fair pay can speak volumes when it comes to showing appreciation and respect for the work our editors put in. Our editors seem to agree, and think that we are doing a great job: “The pay is phenomenal and the upper management seems to know what they are doing more so than other companies.”

Our transcript editors love the flexibility

Our editors are contract-based, meaning they have the freedom to choose how many hours they work, when they work, and what content they want to work with. Many of our editors do this as a way to make extra money or when they have spare time.

That’s why flexibility is an important aspect of the job.

The FREEDOM TO CHOOSE my own hours. the WORK IS CLEARLY spelled out. the ACCESS IN THE MARKET and the reliability of 3play. i love ABLE TO SET MY OWN HOURS and work at my own pace.

Our transcript editors love the video content they transcribe

Our customers come from many industries throughout the world, so the content our customers upload is very diverse and specialized.

For our editors, the diversity of the content is one of the top reasons why they enjoy their job. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s also educational!

The wonderful array of topics for editing and the joy of the editing process. I enjoy the eclectic variety of media available to work on so that the job never gets boring.It's genuinely fun to transcribe much of the content, and I've learned a little about so many different topics. Intellectually stimulating, professional business, interesting clients, opportunity to improve my skills.

Our editors love the 3Play staff

For many of our editors, working in transcription is a whole new ball game. That’s why it’s important to our 3Play staff that we support our editors, certify them on new concepts and standards, and help answer questions that may come up.

You treat your contractors like people and not machines. It is a very friendly environment.The 3Play staff are always willing to educate and help the contractors in a timely way. It is much appreciated. More than anything, the support from the staff and the positivity that everyone seems to have really makes the work enjoyable.

Our editors love working with 3Play

We are so lucky that our editors choose to be part of 3Play and enjoy the work that they do.

Although our editors are located all throughout the United States, we value them immensely.

It's by far the best transcription company I've worked for.The treatment is unparalleled, and the pay is humane.I feel more valued as an editor and as a person. You're by far the best there is.Very professional.You guys blow them out of the water.


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