Over a decade ago, online video accessibility was still in its infancy, but a group of four MIT graduate students saw great potential. They decided to research and develop affordable ways to make video accessible through innovative technology, and in 2007, the idea for 3Play Media was born.

The small team worked together to develop a more efficient and affordable captioning and transcription process and came up with a process that worked: automatic speech recognition, human editing clean-up, and human quality review.

Incidentally, our name, 3Play Media, was partly inspired by that three-step process!

The Early Days

3Play Media was officially founded in 2008. Our very first headquarters was located in Somerville, MA, and according to co-founder CJ Johnson, was a “small apartment where the floors seemed as flammable as they were slanting.”

Regardless of the challenging arrangements, the four founders worked hard to develop the business, to grow our customer base, and to build out our technology. With teamwork and the motivation to bring their idea to life, the tiny seed that was 3Play Media began to grow into something great.


After several years, the 3Play Media team and business began to grow. In 2013, we landed at an open, collaborative workspace in Cambridge, MA with our logo proudly displayed in the entryway. Our growing team possessed a true “start-up” mentality and consisted of hard-working people dedicated to building a successful company.

A time-lapse video shows the progression of the 3Play Media logo being painted onto the entryway at the old Cambridge 3Play Media office location.

3Play Today

From four founders to over 50 employees and over 2500 customers, 3Play Media is now located in the heart of Boston’s thriving Innovation District in the Fort Point neighborhood. In total, we’ve captioned nearly three million videos!

The “start-up” mentality of 3Play Media never dissipated, though. We’re still a team full of collaborative, hard-working folks who work every day to drive the evolution of our company.

We have many ambitions, but our number one goal has never changed: We aim to make video accessibility easy. Always have, always will.