Five Things You Should Know

1. There’s a contract already

3Play Media has a contract with Virginia Association of State College & University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP) for discounted pricing on captioning, transcription, and audio description. This contract covers all higher education institutions, public school systems, and executive branch agencies within the state. Simply set up an account using the button below and you will be opted into the discounted pricing.

2. The prices get lower as you do more captioning

This contract has a tiered pricing model. This means that the more captioning you do with 3Play Media, the lower your per-minute rate will be. The good news is that this deal works across all participating Virginia institutions – which means that everyone benefits when more schools use 3Play.

3. 3Play Media guarantees 99% accuracy – no matter what

3Play Media provides premium quality captioning, with a guaranteed 99% accuracy rate regardless of complex content, accents, or audio quality. In fact, our measured accuracy over millions of files is 99.6%.

4. You can integrate 3Play Media with your video platform

3Play Media integrates with dozens of major video platforms, players, and lecture capture systems. This means that in most cases, you can submit videos for captioning directly from your video platform. Examples include Kaltura, YouTube, Mediasite, Panopto, Vimeo, and more.

5. You can get started right now!

To get started with 3Play Media at the special Virginia rates, simply complete the get started form and one of our account managers will reach out to set you up. Because you’re part of the Virginia contract, there are no minimum commitments – you can just dive right in.

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Tiered Pricing for Virginia Institutions

The tiered pricing below covers all participating Virginia institutions. Remember, the tiered pricing works across schools, so you can work together to get lower prices.

The starting price is $1.95 per minute. After the first $100,000 (aggregated across all participating Virginia institutions) has been processed during the life of the contract, the price will automatically drop to $1.85 per minute going forward. The price will continue to drop with each subsequent tier down to $1.65 per minute after $1,000,000. The price will revert to the previous tier if $100,000 is not spent in calendar year period following a price reduction.

NOTE: These prices include speaker identification, ALL output formats, and use of the 3Play Plugin.

Closed Captioning & Transcription

Annual Tiers
Within calendar year; rates applied on going forward basis
Starting Price (4 Business Day Turnaround)
Pay as you go: prorated to the run-time duration (1 minute minimum charge)
$117 per recorded hour
($1.95 per minute)
Surpass $100,000$111 per recorded hour
($1.85 per minute)
Surpass $500,000$105 per recorded hour
($1.75 per minute)
Surpass $1,000,000$99 per recorded hour
($1.65 per minute)
Additional OptionsPrice
10 Business Day Turnaround-$9 per recorded hour DISCOUNT
(-$0.15 per minute DISCOUNT)
2 Business Day Turnaround+$24 per recorded hour
(+$0.40 per minute)
1 Business Day Turnaround+$54 per recorded hour
(+$0.90 per minute)
8 Hour Turnaround+$120 per recorded hour
(+$2.00 per minute)
2 Hour Turnaround+$300 per recorded hour
(+$5.00 per minute)
Extremely Difficult Audio
Poor recording, heavy accents, background noise, many speakers

Spanish Captioning & Transcription

Spanish CaptioningPrice
10 Business Day Turnaround
Prorated to the run-time duration of each file
$189 per recorded hour
($3.15 per minute)
4 Business Day Turnaround$198 per recorded hour
($3.30 per minute)
1 Business Day Turnaround$252 per recorded hour
($4.20 per minute)
Dual Language
English & Spanish in the same file
$258 per recorded hour
($4.30 per minute)

Business Days vs. Calendar Days

The turnaround options listed above are based on business days. We can change the turnaround to be in calendar days/hours (i.e. 10 calendar days, 4 calendar days, 48 hours, 24 hours) for an additional charge of $0.05 per minute.

Transcript Alignment (Captioning Only)

You can upload your videos along with their transcripts and we’ll synchronize the text with the media using automated speech technology. This will give you access to all of the products and services that come with our standard transcription and captioning service. This service is available in 15 languages.

Automated Transcript Alignment (Captioning Only)Price
Pay as You Go
No file minimums – prorated to the exact duration of each file
$48 per recorded hour
($0.80 per minute)

Audio Description

Audio description is an accommodation for blind and low-vision viewers that narrates the critical visual information in a video to provide context, clarify speakers, and articulate visual elements. We offer standard and extended description. With the standard description service, descriptions fit into natural pauses in the video’s audio track. With our extended service, the descriptions are not constrained to the natural pauses of a video. The extended service inserts pauses in the video to make room for descriptions, as needed.

Audio DescriptionPrice
Standard Audio Description
5 Business Day Turnaround, Prorated to the run-time duration of each file
$420 per recorded hour
($7.00 per minute)
Extended Audio Description
5 Business Day Turnaround, Prorated to the run-time duration of each file
$690 per recorded hour
($11.50 per minute)

Computer Generated Transcription and Captioning

The accuracy of computer generated transcripts depends on input conditions, such as the number of speakers, fluency and organization of speakers, acoustic environment, recording quality, and language domain. While the average accuracy across all our content is about 85%, we can achieve 95%+ accuracy with favorable conditions. You always have the option to upgrade a file from computerized captioning to human captioning.

Computer Generated CaptioningPrice
Pay as you go$9 per recorded hour
($0.15 per minute)

Included Services

Services & Features
All caption and transcript output formatsIncluded
Indefinite storage of your captions and transcriptsIncluded
Interactive transcript and video pluginsIncluded
Integrated workflows with lecture capture and video platformsIncluded
Captions and subtitles editorIncluded
Video search and clipping toolsIncluded
API accessIncluded

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3Play Media is a top tier vendor for IPFW. Their system plugs directly into our systems and closed captioning lectures has never been easier! What really makes them stand above the rest is their customer service ethic.

Mike Phillips
Indiana University – Purdue Fort Wayne

Top 10 Reasons to Choose 3Play Media



We guarantee 99% accuracy on all files regardless of difficulty. Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%.

Our customers say:
“Quality is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of your company.”

Ease of Use

Our sleek online account system makes it easy to order, download, and organize your files.

Our customers say:
“Very easy to use and simple interface.”

Customer Service

We provide individualized, responsive support to every customer and create thorough documentation for all processes.

Our customers say:
“My favorite thing about 3Play is the level of client service and engagement.”


We guarantee quality, consistency, and deliverability without exception.

Our customers say:
“3Play is a dependable and affordable solution for our accessibility needs.”


We provide flexible turnaround options (as fast as 2 hours) to make sure you get your captions back before your deadlines.

Our customers say:
“The fast turnaround times are really awesome. You always beat your estimate.”


We combine speech technology with human editors to provide high quality captions at a low price point.

Our customers say:
“Responsive, accurate, and cost-effective.”

Workflow Automation

We offer dozens of out-of-the-box integrations with video platforms and lecture capture systems, as well as a robust API, to automate your workflow.

Our customers say:
“3Play’s integrations make ordering a breeze”


We constantly commit to advancing our services and building new products that simplify workflows and enhance viewing experiences.

Our customers say:
“3Play is innovative and they hire rock stars.”


We can process large quantities of video at at a time without sacrificing our industry-leading accuracy and deadline compliance.

Our customers say:
“The most options available on the market.”

Thought Leadership

We provide hundreds of free, educational resources on accessibility best practices to keep our customers up to date on industry trends.

Our customers say:
“My favorite thing is that 3Play provides free resources which cover all accessibility topics.”

Why 3Play Media?

When it comes to captioning in higher education, quality is critical in creating an equal experience for d/Deaf and hard of hearing students, as well as for complying with accessibility laws and improving comprehension for all students. At 3Play Media, we guarantee 99% accuracy, as do many of our competitors. We decided to challenge 2 major competitors on their 99% accuracy claims. We submitted several files with good quality audio, varied subject matter, and durations of 5+ minutes. We measured each file’s accuracy based on spelling errors, grammar errors, and word error rate. We also measured accuracy including and excluding punctuation. We found that their measured accuracy rates fell between 84.7% and 94.4%. Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6% – we can guarantee these rates because we use a 3-step process to maximize efficiency and optimize our process. The number 1 reason to choose 3Play Media is so that you don’t have to think twice about captioning – you’ll know you’re getting the best quality available.

This contract is for any participating Virginia institutions looking for:

Closed Captioning


Audio Description


Transcript Alignment

Interactive Transcripts