Scheduling a Live Event in Brightcove and 3Play 🗓️

Follow the steps below to schedule a live event within Brightcove and 3Play Media once the Live API Key has been added to the Brightcove integration settings within your 3Play Media project.

Calendar icon
Events are scheduled using EST unless the Time Zone Module has been activated a new timezone has been configured at the user level.

➡️ Step 1: Create the Event in Brightcove


Mouse clicks on the "stream your live events" link in Brightcove

Navigate to the Brightcove Live module.

create event tab in Brightcove

Click Create Event.

➡️ Step 2: Configure the Event in Brightcove


event name box in Brightcove

Enter an Event Name for the live event (required).

The name of the event will display within 3Play Media later when scheduling the captioning at step 5.


down tab shows the different options for regions. Virginia is highlighted in this example


Under Stream Options, select Virginia as the Region. This is the closest location to where 3play is processing the stream, optimizing the stream connectivity.


create event button


Click Create Event.

➡️ Step 3: Log into 3Play Media


3Play Media login page



➡️ Step 4: Navigate to Live Auto Captioning Module


live auto captioning tab in 3Play Media

Navigate to the Live Auto Captioning module within your 3Play Media project.


➡️ Step 5: Schedule Brightcove Live Event in 3Play Media


schedule live captions tab in 3Play Media


Click Schedule Live Captions.


Brightcove option is highlighted in 3Play


On the Scheduling page, select the Brightcove logo, along with the Brightcove account that you’re scheduling captions for.

Check the box next to the live event that was scheduled within Brightcove in steps 1-2.
Enter the Date and Start Time for the live auto captioning event, add an optional Wordlist, or edit the Advanced Settings, and then click Schedule Events.


live auto captioning live auto captioning confirmation page in 3play media


Once the live auto captions are scheduled, the page will redirect to a Confirmation page.




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