Captions and Subtitles to DVDs with Adobe Encore


Adobe Encore is a DVD authoring software that allows you to add closed caption and subtitle tracks to video projects.

How to Add Closed Captions and Subtitles to DVDs with Adobe EncoreCaptions and subtitles differ in that subtitles are intended for viewers who can hear the audio but may not understand the language, while closed captions assume that the viewer cannot hear the audio.

Note that while DVDs can support closed captions, HDMI cannot transmit closed caption data. You will need to play the DVD from a player with an analog connection to the TV.

If you are playing the DVD on a computer, make sure you are using a DVD player that has the capacity to turn captions on and off. The VLC player is a good free software that supports closed captions.

How to Add Subtitles to Videos in Adobe Premiere & Adobe Encore

Download our free guide on captioning video in Adobe Encore and Adobe Premiere Pro:

Step 1: Submit Your Video File for Captioning

Log into your 3Play Media account. From the Upload tab at the top of the screen, select From Computer, choose your video, and follow the onscreen prompts to specify turnaround. You’ll receive an email when your captions are ready.


For additional details, read the support article on uploading videos for captioning.

Step 2: Download Your Captions in SCC Format

Go to the My Files page in your 3Play Media account and select your recording. Click Download and select the SCC format. Specify any advanced settings and save the .scc file to your computer.


Step 3: Open Your Project in Adobe Encore

Open Adobe Encore and navigate to the Project window. From the top nav bar, select File > Import As > Asset to open your movie file. Next, select Timeline > New Timeline from the top nav bar. Drag and drop your video from the Project window into the timeline. You will see that your file propagates to the Video and Audio 1 components of the timeline.


Step 4: Add Captions to Your Adobe Encore Project

Click on the video aspect and navigate to the Properties window. Under Closed Caption Field 1, click Browse and open the SCC caption file you downloaded in Step 2. Unfortunately, you cannot preview your video with captions.


Step 5: Add Subtitles to Your Adobe Encore Project

If you have subtitle files to add to your DVD, add them by clicking the checkbox to the left of the Subtitle 1 component to enable this field. Right click in the Subtitle 1 field and select Import Subtitles, followed by the appropriate subtitle file type. Adobe Encore accepts subtitle files in time-stamped .txt files; image files in .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, or .bmp format; or FAB image scripts. If you are uploading a text script, select formatting options before clicking OK to add your subtitles.


Go to the Menus window to add a menu with subtitle options to your DVD. You can preview your video with subtitles by navigating to File > Preview.

Note: You can request translations for your caption file (created in steps 1 and 2) in your 3Play Media account to create subtitle files.

Step 6: Burn Your DVD with Closed Captions and Subtitles!

Navigate to File > Build DVD > DVD Disc. Select your preferences and click Build to burn your DVD with captions and subtitles!


How to Add Subtitles to Videos in Adobe Premiere & Adobe Encore

Download our free guide on captioning video in Adobe Encore and Adobe Premiere Pro: