Create a YouTube Live Event 🎥

Follow the steps below to schedule a YouTube Live Event within the YouTube Studio Dashboard.

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These steps must be done before scheduling the live auto captions for the event within 3Play Media’s Live Auto Captioning module.


➡️ Step 1: Sign in to YouTube


YouTube logo


Enter the email address and password associated with your YouTube account.


➡️ Step 2: Select YouTube Studio


YouTube dropdown menu


Click your user icon located in the upper, right-hand corner of the page. From the dropdown menu that appears, click YouTube Studio.


➡️ Step 3: Click Go Live


Go live icon in YouTube


To schedule the YouTube live event, click the Go Live icon located on the upper, right-hand side of the YouTube Studio Dashboard.


➡️ Step 4: Create New Stream

select the new stream icon in Youtube


On the next window, name the stream/live event and add an event description (optional).

3Play Media’s Live Auto Captions can be sent to any privacy level stream. You can choose either public (viewable by anyone on YouTube), unlisted (only viewable by you), or private (visible to select viewers).

Schedule the event keeping in mind media content will only stream to the YouTube Live Dashboard based on the time that the live auto captions are scheduled within 3Play Media.

Please note that the live auto captions will not yet have been scheduled. Captions must be scheduled in 3Play Media after the YouTube event is created.


create stream in YouTube studio


Select the intended audience. Next, click Create Stream.


➡️ Step 5: Enabled Closed Captions


enable closed captions in YouTube Studio


Under Stream Settings, enable Closed Captions


Post captions setting under YouTube Studio


Keep this set to the default setting Post Captions to URL.


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Download the YouTube Live Auto Captions Checklist

Ensure your YouTube live streams are accessible to all viewers!

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