Enable YouTube Live Captions 🔑

Before scheduling a live event, follow the following steps.

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➡️ Step 1: Navigate to YouTube Integration Settings


Linked Account icon on the 3Play Media Account Settings Page


Log in to 3Play Media and make sure you’re within the project where the YouTube integration was set up. Next, click Linked Accounts located ar the top right of the page.


Select a YouTube Account in Linked Accounts


Click the Edit button next to the YouTube account in which you want to use for Live Auto Captioning.


➡️ Step 2: Click Live Captions Enabled


YouTube integration settings page


From the YouTube integration settings page, click Live Captions Enabled at the bottom of the page. Then, click Update.



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Download the YouTube Live Auto Captions Checklist

Ensure your YouTube live streams are accessible to all viewers!

Download the Checklist