Industry Studies

The industry studies found here shed light on the current state of closed captioning, uses and perceptions of closed captions, solutions for captioning, and challenges of captioning.

How Closed Captions and Interactive Transcripts Impact Student Learning

In this report by the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) gives new insight into student’s uses and perspectives of captions and interactive transcripts in online courses. The accessibility committee at USFSP committed to learning more about the impact of accessibility on students, whether they have a disability or not.

The results of the study revealed several things such as implications for students and instructional design and current and future opportunities for higher education institutions.

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The 2020 State of Automatic Speech Recognition

In order to closely follow trends with captioning accuracy, and because ASR is such a critical part of our process, we are constantly testing to make sure we are using the best ASR engine. The results of our research will be published, annually, in the State of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Report.

Download the free 2020 report to discover how the most popular ASR technologies ranked across content from eCommerce, higher education, fitness, media and entertainment, and enterprise industries, and what this means for captioning and transcription.

2020 State of Automatic Speech Recognition. An Annual Report by 3Play Media

National Research Results: Student Uses and Perceptions of Closed Captions and Transcripts

Download this free 52-page report to get results from the largest IRB-approved study on student usage and perceptions of closed captions and transcripts. Using data collected from 2,124 student participants from across 15 public and private colleges and universities, the results are carefully analyzed and broken down by different student subgroups. This report sheds light on many critical issues surrounding accessibility and the rapidly growing usage of video in higher education.

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National Research Results: Implementation of & Solutions for Closed Captioning in U.S. Institutions of Higher Education

Download this free 70-page report to get results from the largest IRB-approved study on institutional implementation of closed captioning. The data was collected from 47 higher education institutions in the U.S., including public and private institutions across 4-year, 2-year, and professional schools. This report sheds light on many critical issues surrounding accessibility and the rapidly growing implementation of closed captioning in higher education.


2020 State of Captioning

This report tracks the current state of closed captioning in 2020, focusing on trends, challenges, solutions, and workflows. The survey collected data from numerous industries, including higher education, corporate, media and entertainment, government, religious organizations, and nonprofit organizations.

2020 State of Captioning, a report by 3Play Media

Survey Results: Closed Caption Use

At 3Play Media, we love captions! We wanted to know if our followers find captions as great as we do, and if so, what they use them for. That’s why we decided to create a survey on caption use! We had 165 people respond to the survey, which was almost entirely distributed via social media.