How many hours of recorded video content do you produce or publish annually?

How Much Video Is Being Captioned in the Fitness Industry? 


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When respondents were asked how much of their video content they're currently captioning, 38% of respondents said that they caption most or all of their videos.

When respondents were asked how many hours of recorded video content they produce or publish annually, 65% indicated that they're publishing or producing up to 100 hours.

How Are Captioning Needs Being Addressed by Fitness Brands? 

When respondents were asked how they're currently meeting their organization's captioning needs, 14% said they use a mix of in-house and third-party solutions.



Captioning drivers are a powerful thing.  When asked what they're main driver for captioning was, respondents indicated that engagement and accessibility were the main drivers.

Main Benefit/Value of Captioning

Main Barriers

Overall, respondents indicated that cost of captioning and resource time for captioning were the top two barriers. Across the board, 34% said that cost/budget was the greatest challenge, and another 31% said that resource time was the top barrier. 

The Cost of Captioning

There's over 318,000 health and fitness apps on the market (Liquid State).

Captioning on-demand fitness video allows your content to reach a wider audience while keeping them engaged for longer.

The Era of Video Is Upon Us:

Legal Protection

Better User Engagement

Improved Video SEO

Online video trends are anything but stagnant. Online video is expected to keep growing and with it the need for captioning. Even if your captioning needs are generally staying the same right now, that doesn't mean things could change at any moment. Be sure to stay on top of captioning today so that you're prepared for the growing video usage of tomorrow.



21% don't caption any videos. 41% caption some or very little. and 38% caption all or most of their videos

80% of people who use captions aren't deaf or hard of hearing. Captions benefit everyone because they improve dialogue, clarification of terminology, concentration, and engagement. (Ofcom)

14% use automatic captions, 34% caption in-house, 24% caption with a vendor, and 14% use a vendor and caption in-house

Captions increase video views by 12% (Facebook).

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