Product Comparison

View full side-by-side comparisons of 3Play Media and other captioning vendors.

With a range of vendors to choose from, there are many things to consider when finding the best fit for your needs. Some things to take into consideration include a company’s accuracy rate, price, process, ease of use, video platform compatibility, timeliness, quality, reliability, and versatility.

Making the Decision Easy

Thinking about all of these things can be overwhelming. At 3Play Media we like to make things easy – that’s why we’re making it easy to choose a captioning vendor. We asked our customers with first-hand experience to tell us how we compare to other captioning and transcription vendors. The results should make this decision easy. Here is what they had to say:

Gif with responses to how 3Play compares to competition: 3Play is much better at transcript accuracy and turn-around time. Your quality is great and prices are wonderful! More responsive and easier workflow. Superior functionality and consistent positive results.

3Play Customers

You probably want to know who gave these reviews. At 3Play Media we have more than 2,000 customers across all industries spanning from education to media and entertainment to faith based. Our flexibility and wide range of offerings can accommodate all of them!

A Closer Look at 3Play

Take a look at how 3Play ranks for some of the considerations mentioned. Our unique 3-step captioning and transcription process combines automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology with human editing. After going through ASR to produce a draft transcript, our highly skilled editors edit where necessary. Finally, the transcript goes through a rigorous QA process. These steps allow us to deliver premium quality captions, subtitles, and transcripts far more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional methods. We guarantee over 99% accuracy even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, and accents. In fact, our average measured accuracy is 99.6%!