December Product Updates 

Facebook Caption Format

We now offer a download option specifically for Facebook captions. Facebook requires that your SRT caption file include a naming convention for language. You can now download this unique format directly from your account.

Learn more about adding captions to Facebook >>

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Ooyala v4 Support

Ooyala recently released their v4 player. Our integration with Ooyala is compatible with both v3 and v4. You can add an interactive transcript to Ooyala v4 with our SDK.

  Learn more about the Ooyala integration >>

Happy holidays from 3Play Media!

Before we close out 2019, we have some exciting product updates to share. This month, we released Spanish Audio Description, an automatic captioning integration with Blackboard Collaborate, and a newly re-designed Linked Accounts module in the account system.

Learn more in our latest product update video series:

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Spanish Audio Description

>> Request to activate the module

Order Spanish audio description for Spanish language transcripts, imports, and ASR files (automated speech recognition). We offer three different voices and speeds. You can adjust the settings for Spanish audio description in the audio description basic settings.

  Blackboard Collaborate  

>> Learn more about how it works

Our round trip integration allows you to auto-generate 3Play's automatic captions for your Blackboard Collaborate recordings directly from your Blackboard Collaborate account. Upon completion, the captions will automatically post back to the recording.

 Linked Accounts Re-Design 

>> Check out the re-design

As part of our annual project to make the account system more accessible, modern, and user friendly, we re-designed the linked accounts module for better organization of linked accounts. With this re-design, we're making it easier to identify linked accounts across various video platform integrations. 

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